Greetings, Salutations, Solutions, Felicitations, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum! That ought to fire up your juices today! Oh, and it is very, very dark-roasted Colombian in both the French Press and the Expresso Machine today. Come on by and have a cup with me.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 15

Today, we wrap up this series. For the past three months-plus, we’ve been talking about the various realms of praise and worship and how they intersected with the Tabernacle of David.   Let me give you a couple of statistics from the Psalms. Did you ever stop to realize that the Psalms are the exact center of the Word? All of Creation revolves around the Worship, the Praise, the Prayers and Intercession in the Psalms. THAT was the essence of the Tabernacle of David. Let’s take it one step farther. Psalm 117 is the exact center of the Word. There are 594 chapters before Psalm 117 and 594 chapters after Psalm 117. And how does Psalm 117 read?  

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 14

During the past seventy-plus years, I’ve heard everything from good old country gospel music to classical music referred to as “Worship.” Huhh Uhh! Nope! It doesn’t work like that! That doesn’t mean that one can’t worship with country-style music, nor does it mean that one can’t worship with certain classical music. We’ve experienced real worship in the midst of what I would call jazz.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Resurrection From the Dead, Part 4

Once again, it is important to recognize that we have been programmed by centuries of wrong thinking and a mindset woven into society that requires us to expect death – never mind the fact that Jesus canceled our appointment with death. What happens is that because of this wrong mindset and thinking permeating God’s people, Jesus gets cheated out of a people – especially a seasoned and mature people who can teach and mentor believers with Jesus’ mindset.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Resurrection From the Dead, Part 3

Let’s pick up right where we left off last week. We were talking about the revelation of Resurrection that comes in water baptism. The truth contained in this revelation is nothing short of stunning! In order to get a hold of it, however, we have to be able to shut down all of the pre-conditioning we’ve had throughout many generations.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Resurrection From the Dead, Part 2

The whole concept of being raised from the dead and walking and living in Resurrection Life is something that is more theory and mysticism in many parts of the body of Christ than reality. Most Christians still believe that death is a certainty for them and they expect to die.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Resurrection From the Dead, Part 1

Resurrection from the dead is a topic we’ve discussed from time to time, but never really explored with full revelation. Resurrection is a topic we associate strictly with physical death, but it goes way beyond just the physical aspects. In the coming weeks, I’d like to dig into this with you. Don’t know where this will all lead yet, but Holy Spirit has been downloading revelation in the past couple of weeks, so we will see where this takes us.

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