It has been a constant source of amazement to me that Jesus has always been painted as poor and indigent -- never mind what the Word clearly states. Ever since the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D., error after error after error has crept into the body of Christ and promulgated with traditions that have no validity in the Word. The compromises that Constantine made with church leaders in order to bring the Roman Army into the church and declare them to be "Christian" have contaminated the truth ever since.  

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Once again, Good Morning! Let’s pick up today where we left off last week. Some folks have wondered why, when I deal almost exclusively with spiritual issues and what Holy Spirit is saying to His people today, that I would seem to deviate from that to talk about the foundations of our government. Unfortunately, our society today has attempted to separate matters of government from spiritual issues, and especially Christianity.

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Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning! After weeks of making reference to this series which deals with the foundations of our nation, we're actually going to begin with it today. You will see, as this series unfolds, that every single one of the 50 states in our union recognizes that their existence, as a body politick, flows from God. The rejection of this principle by modern politicians is a huge contributing factor in the chaos which has unfolded since prayer was removed from public schools, and gradually from public discourse.

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My hope and plan is to wrap up this part of the series on Covenant today. We’re into this subject now for two and a half months, and we still have a long ways to go! My objective is to now begin sharing on the Covenant that our founding fathers made with the Lord for the establishing of America as a land – a country – dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 10

Well, I warned you last week that we needed to run down a religious rabbit trail, and that we needed to blow that rabbit trail apart. You see, the problem is that throughout the centuries, God’s people have been caught up in traditions that began with their ancestors – traditions that began before their ancestors had the kind of revelation that Holy Spirit is pouring out on His people today. We need to break those traditions and get out of the religious boxes that we’ve all suffered with for generations.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 9

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Few people in this age and generation really understand what it is to be joined together by the Lord in a union that is more than physical. People often get married because they “fall in love.” The problem is that in a few months or years, they “fall out of love.” Their relationship really wasn’t based on love but on a physical attraction to one another or because of seeming parallel interests.  

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 8

We are really taking a different approach today to understanding the Tabernacle of David and the nature or praise and worship. You may even think I’ve gone off the deep end at first, but that’s OK. Bear with me while I lay some foundations.   You will remember how we’ve talked about Lucifer and his original creation as worship leader in Heaven and how he was created to surround the Throne of God with worship. The concept of “surrounding” comes into play with where I want to go today, and why that was so significant.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 7

My remarks at the end of last week’s Coffee Break were, no doubt, very controversial to some folks. I’m not trying to be controversial. After being with David, after experiencing what he experienced, after watching and experiencing all of the adventures that have come over the past 70+ years in the presence of the Lord, I can’t help it. These are honest observations shared in the hope that I can awaken folks to the true nature of praise and worship, prayer and intercession.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 11

If ever there has been a time when the body of Christ needs to understand and walk in true authority — the authority that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ — that time is now. Over the past weeks, we have looked at the various tiers of demonic hierarchy and how and where these wicked spirits operate.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 10

My prayer for all those who read this series and consider it is that the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation unfolds for them some real clarity as to the spirit realm – and further, that each person will come to understand not only who they are in Christ Jesus, but also who the Lord Jesus Christ is in them!

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