ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 18

The spirit of condemnation is one that pursues every woman who has ever had an abortion. Despite what you see and hear in the media, and the baloney coming out of Hollywood, the overwhelming majority of women who have had abortions also suffer from extreme guilt, from an overwhelming sense of loss and condemnation that they seek to hide from in a wide variety of ways.   Deliverance from both the Spirit of Abortion and the Spirit of Condemnation are an absolute necessity for these women. What sometimes accompanies these spirits is a Spirit of Murder – and the woman who has had the abortion sometimes commits suicide to escape from the guilt that haunts her.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 17

Last week, we talked about responsibility and consequences of choice. One of the things that goes with "a woman's right to choose" is the consequence of that choice. The Spirit of Abortion, of course, always hides the responsibility that goes with choice, and particularly the consequences that follow our choices. The deception for Christians who get contaminated with this same spirit is that they think that because they protest and take a stand against something so obviously hedonistic -- something which so clearly violates the Word of God -- they can avoid the consequences when their protests also violate the laws of the land.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 16

Today, let’s touch on an evil that has beset our generation, and has plagued both our nation and the body of Christ pretty much since shortly after the turn of the 20th Century. With Georgia and Alabama leading the way in the news lately with their efforts to pass legislation essentially blocking all kinds of abortion, no matter the circumstance, and no matter the timing in a woman’s pregnancy, as well as the controversy surrounding the Virgina governor’s statement saying that it was OK to allow a child to come to full birth, then keep it alive, until a decision was made to kill it, the controversy surrounding abortion has taken center stage.   Let’s tackle this subject today from a Scriptural standpoint.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 15

I want to continue where we left off last week in dealing with the spirit of compromise that has grossly affected our society – AND – the body of Christ to a large extent! Excuse me in advance, if I stomp on your toes or touch a sensitive nerve.   Let’s talk about a touchy subject – well, touchy to political types, anyway. I’m fixin’ to go over the edge today. Way over the edge!   When Dad passed away, I inherited a ruler he kept on his desk for many years. It had a phrase I’ve always considered to be classic. The ruler was a gift from a group of pastors who decided that Dad was one of the greatest diplomats they’d ever met.

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