Deliver Us From Evil, Part 18


June 28, 2019


The spirit of condemnation is one that pursues every woman who has ever had an abortion.  Despite what you see and hear in the media, and the baloney coming out of Hollywood, the overwhelming majority of women who have had abortions also suffer from extreme guilt, from an overwhelming sense of loss and condemnation that they seek to hide from in a wide variety of ways.


Deliverance from both the Spirit of Abortion and the Spirit of Condemnation are an absolute necessity for these women.  What sometimes accompanies these spirits is a Spirit of Murder – and the woman who has had the abortion sometimes commits suicide to escape from the guilt that haunts her.


There is deliverance!  I cannot tell you how many women Della and I have ministered to throughout the years who’ve suffered because of their choices.  Once they accept that their guilt was taken and paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross, and they repent of their choices and actions, deliverance is easy.  Let’s see if we can get to that ministry of deliverance today.

Before we get to talking about being delivered from this evil spirit, let's talk a little more about the spiritual processes that bring about this evil.

We said last week that this spirit is rooted in selfishness.  Selfishness is rooted in fear -- and more specifically, in the Fear of Death.  Let me explain.

The Fear of Death affects, influences and controls a person's flesh, their physical welfare, their physical well-being.  Although this spirit takes many paths to get there, its ultimate objective is to cause you to fear that you will die.  That may seem like a stretch, so let me give you a guided tour of how this spirit operates.

The Fear of Death, incidentally, is father to many "lesser" fears -- one notable fear being the Fear of the Unknown.  The Fear of Not Having Enough is another good example.

Folks who tend to hoard things, hoard them out of a fear that they will run out, and if they run out, they won't be able to take care of their physical needs.  If they can't take care of their physical needs, they will get sick -- or worse, they will die.  Remember the Y2K scare that tormented so many folks leading up to the year 2000?

I can't tell you how many good Christian folks I knew who began spending their money in preparation for a feared disaster -- my own mother included.  She had heard all the scare scenarios preached by many would-be "prophets" on television.  She was alone.  Dad had gone to be with the Lord years before.  Had he been alive, there's no doubt she would never have been subject to such torment, but being alone brings its own set of fears.

Mom began spending money on things she was going to need when computer failures (caused by a two-digit flaw in resident memory chips that didn't allow the programming to recognize the year 2000, and could have thought it should revert to 1900 instead) were supposed to bring world-wide panic when power stations shut down, aircraft crashed, cars would simply stop, bombs would go off, pumping stations would fail -- you name it!

Got the picture?  It was all based in fear: the Fear of Death.  Preachers were warning their congregations to go out and prepare for the worst instead of teaching them faith.  Television preachers were preaching the doctrines of doom, teaching unbelief and fear rather than trust in the Lord.  It made me sick.  When my mother began to ask me to help her buy all these supplies in preparation for Y2K, I refused, telling her that there was not going to be any worldwide chaos.

She became angry with me (anger is a product of fear, incidentally) and rejected my counsel.  Other family friends helped her spend many thousands of dollars on canned foods, alternative energy sources, and supplies that would theoretically carry her through a year of disaster.  When she ran out of money, she called asking for a loan for funds to purchase more supplies.  Again, I refused, telling her that I would not finance fear.

When the feared disaster never materialized, my mother was pretty sheepish.  Her exact words to me were, "I sure wish I'd listened to you instead of all those television preachers."  She realized she had been sucked in by a lie of the Enemy.  Mom wasn't alone.  I met many Christians who had cellars full of foodstuffs they couldn't get rid of before it spoiled, wheat and flour that got bug infested, water in jugs that took on the taint of the containers rendering it virtually unpotable, and supplies that might have been appropriate in 1900 with the state of engineering and technology that existed back then, but hardly necessary or even practically usable in today's world.

And all of it was driven by the Fear of Death.  Problem is, that even without a Y2K to use as a device to inspire fear, there are still tens of thousands of Christians who live with what I would call a "depression" mentality.  I wasn't born, of course, in time to see or experience the Great Depression of the 1930's, but I've known so many folks who did live through it.  It was a difficult era for many, and a fair percentage of those who lived through it held onto their "scrimp and put away" mentality even decades and generations afterward. 

You'll understand what I mean when I talk about helping to clean out the homes of those who lived during that era and finding newspapers that were 40 and 50 years old, thousands of buttons cut from shirts and dresses that wore out and got thrown away, how-to books that might have made sense in the 1940's, mechanical parts in garages for machinery no longer in use or even existence, closets full of clothes that went out of style in the 1960's or 1970's, home-canned fruits and vegetables that must have been canned 30 years ago or more, etc., etc., etc.

Got the picture?  We're not talking practical, here.  We're talking about a lifestyle based in fear.

So, how does this all relate to abortion, you ask.  The arrogance that fuels abortion is an arrogance that masks a deep, underlying fear.  The "convenience" of abortion masks the fact that women who undergo abortion procedures are driven by a fear that the pregnancy will result in a child (or children) they won't have enough money to take care of.

Not enough money to take care of the child means you don't have enough to take care of yourself: ergo, you will die.  In certain women, the fear that compels them to have an abortion tells them that they have physical complications that will result in their own deaths if they carry the baby to full-term.

We can carry this discussion on and on and on, but perhaps by now you are beginning to understand that "the woman's right to choose" is entirely predicated in fear.  It is also predicated on the lie of Satan which masks the true nature of the unborn child so that the "choice" can be made without interfering with a woman's conscience.

Take a quick look at some Scriptures.

Jeremiah, the prophet, was still a young man when the Lord called him and sent him forth to declare His word and purposes in Israel.  It is what the Lord said to Jeremiah in the midst of that call, however, that really tells the tale.

Jeremiah 1:5: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."

Then there was David's word from the Lord. 

Psalm 139: 13-16: "For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.  Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them."

So much for Satan's lie to the pregnant woman that what she really has growing inside her womb is just a blob: it isn't a life, and it isn't human, yet.  It's just a "fetus."  Naturally, that excuse hides the fact that the word "fetus" (or foetus, from the Latin) actually means, "filled with young, pregnant, with young, bringing forth, bearing, producing."

The Word of God makes abundantly clear the fact that we are living beings even BEFORE the fertilized egg actually begins to take shape and form.  We are life.  It is illogical to think that the Lord actually knows someone who isn't a living being.  Since all life originates in Him to begin with, He certainly knows the character, the personality and makeup of an individual before that individual even takes form in the womb.

But Satan does everything in his power to mask and hide that truth so the woman can feel OK about having an abortion.  What he fails to reveal to the woman before the abortion takes place is the fact that the woman is going to experience a dimension of pain and emotional upheaval that knows no bounds.

As I noted last week, what was missing from the so-called "right to choose" was the other side of the equation.  What came with the "right" was death and destruction to the woman making what she thought was her own choice.  (It wasn't, by the way.  It was a "choice" manipulated by the lie of Satan.)  What came with that "right" was pain and suffering so unimaginable that had Eve been able to foresee the consequences of her "choice," she would have run as far as possible to escape even the sound of the serpent's voice.

All too often, those pushing this lying agenda on women, have never been pregnant themselves, have never borne children nor known the joy of childbirth.

During my run for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2004 campaign, my opponent in the Republican Primary was a woman by the name of Becky Klein -- one, incidentally, who had never had any children of her own up to that time.  Becky was a professing Christian, coming from a very devout family, so it surprised me when she publicly proclaimed her support for the pro-abortion stance and "a woman's right to choose." 

Following my loss to her in the Primary, I talked to her on the telephone about her stance and offered to send her an email with some Scriptures that she needed to read before she continued speaking out in support of those favoring abortion rights.  She accepted my invitation, and after reading the Scriptures (which I knew she had never seen before) she publicly reversed herself, taking instead the natural stand of any Christian who accepts the authoritativeness of God's Word on the subject.  Another Texas friend and brother in the Lord (who has been active for many years in politics), Tony Smith, followed up by sending her a pretty complete list of Scriptures she could draw from.

Ignorance almost always produces unbelief.  Ignorance produces fear.  And Satan does everything in his power to keep God's people ignorant of truth.  The entire pro-abortion agenda is driven by fear, doubt and unbelief.  Sadly, thousands of Christian women who are ignorant of God's Word and God's promises to them fall prey to the lie of Satan.  They also subsequently come under severe condemnation and guilt without really understanding why.

After re-reading some of what I’ve written, it occurred to me that I may not have made a clear connection between the fear that causes folks to "hoard" and store up and save things -- even necessities -- in huge quantities and the Spirit of Abortion.  Maybe most of you caught it, but for the sake of those who seemed puzzled and fired off a bunch of questions at me, let me go through this again.

Abortion is driven by fear.  The Fear of Death is entirely selfish.  This is a spirit that imposes a totally self-centered agenda.  Everything revolves around one's personal comfort, one's personal needs, one's personal well-being -- and especially whether any event (whether internal or external) will affect one's ability to survive.

Hoarding (as opposed to the wise setting aside of something appropriate for the "rainy day") is based in that same fear.  Hoarding is driven by a need for self-preservation.  Self-preservation is a natural instinct, but when it becomes driven by the Fear of Death with all of its imaginary and fantastical scenarios (many of which are totally subconscious), the need for self-preservation gets driven to some pretty wild extremes.

Without getting too side-tracked here, one of the symptoms of this spirit's existence and torment in a person's life is Gluttony -- often exhibited in alcoholism, drug abuse, serious over-eating, nicotine addiction, and a host of other addictive manifestations.  It would be accurate to say that ALL addictions are a manifestation of symptom of the operation of and torment of the Fear of Death.


Next week, let’s see if we can wrap up this series and talk about the victory that comes in the overcoming which has been made available to us.


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