ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 15

Today, we wrap up this series. For the past three months-plus, we’ve been talking about the various realms of praise and worship and how they intersected with the Tabernacle of David.   Let me give you a couple of statistics from the Psalms. Did you ever stop to realize that the Psalms are the exact center of the Word? All of Creation revolves around the Worship, the Praise, the Prayers and Intercession in the Psalms. THAT was the essence of the Tabernacle of David. Let’s take it one step farther. Psalm 117 is the exact center of the Word. There are 594 chapters before Psalm 117 and 594 chapters after Psalm 117. And how does Psalm 117 read?  

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 13

Most of you have heard me share my first experience of being in Heaven and being exposed to the sound of the worship and praise that fills Heaven. I’ve shared with you how every cell of my being vibrated with that worship. It affected my DNA — so much so, that even to this day, some 67 years later, the sound of praise and worship flow through me non-stop.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 12

We are talking about the core of the opposition that has faced those who are committed to real praise and worship, and where that opposition and persecution began. When you understand Satan’s original place in Heaven as Lucifer, the Archangel who surrounded the Throne with praise and worship, and how he was cast out of Heaven after his arrogance and rebellion and effort to overthrow the Throne of God, then you begin to understand why he so hates those who have replaced him with their love, their praise and their worship.

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 11

It probably seems to some as though we have really deviated from the topic of David’s Tabernacle and the picture of unabated praise and worship, but I assure you, we have not! The relationship that David experienced with the Lord was an intimate one. It is a strange thing that during all of his years as King of Israel, he wound up marrying so many women in his desire to match the relationship he had with the Lord. Not until he married Bathsheba (under highly controversial and questionable circumstances) did he finally feel like he had a wife in this life with whom he could be One!

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ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: David’s Tabernacle Restored, Part 10

Well, I warned you last week that we needed to run down a religious rabbit trail, and that we needed to blow that rabbit trail apart. You see, the problem is that throughout the centuries, God’s people have been caught up in traditions that began with their ancestors – traditions that began before their ancestors had the kind of revelation that Holy Spirit is pouring out on His people today. We need to break those traditions and get out of the religious boxes that we’ve all suffered with for generations.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, folks! Barring a little more free time before this next week comes to an end this will likely be the last post of this sixth year of publication. I'll be doing another couple articles in this series before taking a break from it to deal with several other topics -- some of a highly controversial nature. We will return to this subject, however, in a few months to deal with more revelation concerning the Table of the Lord.

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Comments that I made in the previous Coffee Break obviously were misunderstood and taken to mean something I wasn't saying so let me do some clarifying to being with. And before I get too far along, Good Morning! Have the most blessed day of your life thus far! (There are even better ones in store.)

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Blessings, Revelation and Impartations to you! (Now there's a different greeting for you -- but this one has special meaning.) Reflecting over this past year and all the years of my life prior (nearly 68 in all), 2009 has easily been the most revelatory of any recent years -- and perhaps of my entire life.

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