The Psalm 23 Adventure, Part 45


June 23, 2017


Last week we wrapped talking about the sound and the sound that Adam and Eve brought to the Lord by their very existence and by their walk with Him each day. 


You understand that sound was in Adam and Eve’s very DNA.  Whenever God spoke, sound went forth.  Consider the sound that went forth when God spoke the following over them.


Genesis 1:28:  And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.


See the picture?  God “blessed them.”  He spoke over them.  He declared and decreed His authority over them and into them.  Whether you believe it or not, God literally sang into Adam and Eve.  Think I’m really stretching things?  Then take a look at what Zephaniah prophesies.


Zephaniah 3:17: The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.


Sound!  Singing!  Praise!  Worship!  It is all integral to God’s existence.  He had surrounded Himself with it before time began.  When He spoke, things happened – exactly as He spoke.  Lucifer had provided that place of singing, of praise, of worship to surround the Throne.  His whole existence revolved around sound, around praise, around worship.  He’d been created for it.  He’d been anointed for it.  And he corrupted that anointing with jealousy, with rebellion, with anger, with insurrection, with treason against the very God that had created him in the first place and given him that anointing.


And God had to take it away from him!  And, as we noted last week, God said, “I’m going to have a family for myself.  I’m going to create a species of being like myself who will take Lucifer’s place.  They will surround me!  They will surround the Throne with a unique sound that will be distinctly theirs, and they will offer the praise and worship that comes out of their very existence!


Satan, being the angry, jealous being that he was, hating God because of the judgment he was forever subject to, decided he’d get even with God.  He would corrupt the sound of Adam and Eve.  He would tempt them.  If he could succeed in his contamination of their existence, he could block the plan of God for this species of being that would surround the Throne with a new and far more spectacular realm of praise and worship than he’d ever known or been able to provide.


His efforts were only partly successful.  Sure, he brought the law of sin and death upon the human race.  Yes, he deprived generation after generation after generation of people from enjoying the personal and intimate presence and knowledge of the Lord, but God was way ahead of him.  He knew in advance what Satan was going to try and pull, but He had already determined and spoken into being the agreement between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  So watch what God does!


Genesis 3:14-15:  And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.


And that’s exactly what happened!  We’ve already covered this in our previous discussion, but throughout many generations, God had promised that this would be fulfilled in and with the seed (the descendants) of David.  For any legalists out there, consider that Mary was a descendant of David through Solomon.


On the other hand, Joseph was also a descendant of David through Nathan.  Thus, when Holy Spirit implanted the seed of God in Mary, Jesus came along as promised as the seed of David.  But he also came into this world free from all of the DNA of Adam, whom Satan had corrupted.  A new sound was about to be born in the earth — and a new anointing!


Before we get there, let me share with you a story passed along by Ray Hughes, and it illustrates where we are going with this.


There is, in East Africa, a tribe of people who understand that there is a sound associated with every single person.  No two people sound alike.  Each person is distinct and their sound will remain with them from birth to death.


When a woman in this tribe becomes pregnant, she immediately separates herself from the tribe and goes off into the outback to wait and listen.  She knows that there must be a sound that will come forth from the child in her womb and she will not go back to the tribe and to her husband until she hears that sound.


Once she hears the sound of her unborn child, she learns it and then returns home.  She teaches that sound to her husband.  While the child is gestating in the womb, together they lay hands on the mother’s belly and sing that song.


When it is time for the child to be born, the mother gathers together the midwives and teaches them the song.  They sing that song as the child is being born.  That child will grow up knowing that song and it will forever be his or her sound.


Throughout adulthood, that song and that sound will come forth from that person.  It will never be heard from anyone else.  When he or she dies, that song will be sung one last time at the funeral, and from that time forth, it will never be heard again.


Sound strange?  Then let me share with you another story.


One of the more unusual friends that Della and I have come to know and share with in years gone by was a scientist by the name of Dr. Joseph O’Neil.  I’ve shared bits of Joe’s story with you in previous Coffee Breaks, but let’s just get to the issue at hand.


Joe spent Einstein’s last seven years working with him.  He was a genius of Einstein’s caliber — and perhaps even greater.  The discoveries and inventions that Joe came up with were nothing less than spectacular.  This was a man who served as a science advisor to no less than seven presidents beginning with Harry Truman.


According to my recollection, it was in the 1990’s that Joe discovered that human blood had a sound to it.  He was able to take a sample of someone’s blood, digitize and convert it to music.  Sitting at the lunch table one day, he said to Della and me,

“I can tell you what your entire medical history is by listening to your blood.  No matter what disease you may have had, it inserts its own sound into your blood.  If you are completely healthy, your blood sounds very melodic.  If, on the other hand, you have cancer, or are a serious candidate for cancer, a very discordant sound will appear.  Barring intervention and/or specific treatment, I can tell you what disease you will die from.”


He later told us that he had developed a piece of equipment that was being used at the Houston Medical Center on a trial basis for the purpose of listening to the sounds of human blood and being able to accurately forecast any specific disease that was developing in them, in many cases months or even years before that disease would mature.


I do not know the exact time frame (and I’ve wondered if this doctor extrapolated some of his research and findings from Joe’s work, or if his work preceded Joe’s), a medical doctor and researcher in Japan — his name was Dr. Ohno —was studying diseases in mice.  He decided to take a single cell from the mouse, extricate a single DNA strand from that cell and put it to music.


To his utter astonishment he heard distinguishable strains and musical phrases from Chopin’s Nocturne, Opus 55.  How in the world could such a thing be?  One can only imagine the events that would have unfolded for that mouse to have been exposed to the music of Chopin.  He decided to try something different and take a cancer cell from another mouse that was dying.


Turning a single DNA strand from that cancer cell into music, what he heard was Chopin’s Funeral March.  If you know Chopin’s life story, then you know that he died a relatively young man from what was called at the time, “consumption.”  In fact, Chopin died of cancer.  Dr. Ohno was hearing the sound of Chopin’s DNA in these two different experiments.


So what are we getting at?  Just this.  Each of us has a sound that is distinct to us.  Each of us radiate that sound wherever we go.  No, it’s not audible — at least in 99.9999% of cases — but it is a sound that we put out.  We were created with sound as an integral part of our existence.  We were created for worship!  We were created to bring the sound that is us to the Throne of God.


Six or seven years or so ago I began sharing in a series of Coffee Breaks my own first experience of being in Heaven.  When I was ushered through the gates by the Lord and had my first view – well, let me borrow from some of what I’ve shared in that series.


There was no sun, but Heaven was lit up with a brightness greater than that of the sun.  Every one of my five senses were inundated with sights, sounds, smells and feelings hard to describe.


The aroma of Heaven was … well … heavenly!  It was almost like being in a flower garden where every flower radiated its scent to the max at once.  At the same time, it took no effort to discern between different aromas and flavors.  It was a feast for the nose.  I don’t know how to describe it any differently.  I’ve had moments since in the years that followed where I have had the air fill with some of those scents – and there have been others with me who experienced it simultaneously.


Perhaps the most gripping thing I experienced from the very get-go was the sound.  I’d already been learning to play musical instruments and was keenly aware of musical structure.  The air was filled with a sound of worship and praise the likes of which have stayed with me my whole life.  I’ll talk more about this later, but ever since this first trip to Heaven, there has never been a day – and scarcely a moment – when I don’t hear the sounds of praise and worship music flowing in my spirit – and brother, does it ever take many different forms!


Imagine for a moment hearing music like huge waves rolling over you.  Each wave brings a different sound – a different focus – a different flow.  One wave might be the sound of tens of thousands of voices singing in the most spectacular harmony you’ve ever heard.  The next might be the sounds of strings being plucked or bowed or struck with cadences and rhythms we’ve only tasted of here on earth.  Another might be the sounds of a million different kinds of brass or woodwind instruments.  Every so often I could hear the simple strains of a single instrument in praise and worship.  The music was … how can I describe it? … organic!


No, I don’t mean like the sound of an organ – although there was certainly that sound present.  What I mean is that the music, the praise, the worship, the sounds of the voices and instruments literally penetrated you.  They became a part of your whole being in such a way that you were part of that praise and worship.


Let’s put it like this: you can’t be there and be in that presence of the Lord and not have your whole being radiate that sound as though it originated within the very cells of your existence!  And it does.  We were created for that purpose.  Each person becomes an extension, an addition to the sound of worship.  Your very existence, your very presence (excuse me if I sound repetitious) becomes a part of that sound.  It’s the sound of the Lord radiating in you, out of you, through you!  It’s the sound of His presence!  It’s the sound of His Glory!


The music we call “praise and worship” today is a poor substitute.  But the Lord isn’t complaining about it.  We, after all, are being trained and prepared for a new sound – and it’s not a sound like anything here I can compare it to.  We need to break out of our religious boxes.  More accurately, we need for the Holy Spirit to break us out of our musical mindsets, our expectations and the sounds we come to expect as a part of praise and worship.


We were created for it.  There is an anointing for this realm that David understood, and the Psalms are permeated with it from beginning to end.


This picture becomes more and more fascinating and revelatory as it unfolds, so let me quit for today, and let’s continue this narrative next week.


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Blessings on you!


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