Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 8



December 8, 2017


We barely got started last week with the picture of Haman as the last of the Amalekites and his finish.  We started the picture of his conspiracy in Esther 3, and we will pick that up again.  One of the things that is important for us to realize is that the Fear of Death absolutely thrives in conspiracies and conspiracy theories.  These conspiracies are an effort to ward off death and to attempt one's own protection and salvation by their own reasoning, thought processes and manipulation.


Conspiracy and conspiracies can NEVER be a part of the life of God's people!  If we are going to rule and reign with the authority that has been given to us in Christ Jesus, we never have to focus on the conspiracies of those who live their lives in utter fear.  Neither do we have to fear any conspiracy of the Enemy.  Holy Spirit always provides the intervention and destruction of the Enemy's conspiracies against us.


Esther’s fasting has paid dividends.  On this very night, the king is restless and cannot sleep so he commands that the records of the chronicles of his kingship be brought and read before him.  This, by the way, was roughly tantamount to counting sheep.  It was a means for him to be bored and put to sleep.


Instead, his ears perk up when he hears how Mordecai saved his life some years before, and he wonders what kind of reward Mordecai received since nothing is mentioned. Despite the early hour of the morning, he asks his servants who might be present in the court and finds out Haman has just arrived.  Haman thinks to ask the king permission to hang Mordecai, but God – and the king – have a VERY different plan!


Despite the early hour of the morning, he asks his servants who might be present in the court and finds out Haman has just arrived.  Haman thinks to ask the king permission to hang Mordecai, but God – and the king – have a VERY different plan!

Haman instead winds up having to array Mordecai in the king’s royal garments and parade him on the king’s royal donkey throughout the capital city of Susa proclaiming with a loud voice (and acting instead as a royal herald instead of a noble prince), “This is what happens to a man that the king chooses and delights in honoring.”


Oooops!  So much for Haman’s request to hang Mordecai.


Haman goes home in disgrace and tells his wife what has happened.  She thereupon says to him, “Haman, if Mordecai is of this race, the Jews, whom you have sought to destroy, not only will you NOT be able to kill them, you will fall instead.”


Zeresh, Haman’s wife, was entirely prophetic in this moment.  While she was still speaking to him, the king’s servants came to escort Haman to the queen’s banquet of wine.


Esther 7:1-10:  So the king and Haman came to banquet with Esther the queen. And the king said again unto Esther on the second day at the banquet of wine, What is thy petition, queen Esther? and it shall be granted thee: and what is thy request? and it shall be performed, even to the half of the kingdom


Then Esther the queen answered and said, If I have found favour in thy sight, O king, and if it please the king, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request: For we are sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish. But if we had been sold for bondmen and bondwomen, I had held my tongue, although the enemy could not countervail the king’s damage


Then the king Ahasuerus answered and said unto Esther the queen, Who is he, and where is he, that durst presume in his heart to do so? And Esther said, The adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman. Then Haman was afraid before the king and the queen.


And the king arising from the banquet of wine in his wrath went into the palace garden: and Haman stood up to make request for his life to Esther the queen; for he saw that there was evil determined against him by the king. Then the king returned out of the palace garden into the place of the banquet of wine; and Haman was fallen upon the bed whereon Esther was. Then said the king, Will he force the queen also before me in the house? As the word went out of the king’s mouth, they covered Haman’s face.


And Harbonah, one of the chamberlains, said before the king, Behold also, the gallows fifty cubits high, which Haman had made for Mordecai, who had spoken good for the king, standeth in the house of Haman. Then the king said, Hang him thereon. So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.


The evening proceeds in much the same manner as the previous one, and the king is feeling exceptionally generous towards the queen.  He hasn’t forgotten that she put him off the night before and promised to answer his question tonight, and so it becomes the first order of business.


“Esther, my queen, what is your petition?  I promise that whatever you ask will be granted – even to giving up half of the kingdom.”


Wow!  And Esther wastes no time in getting down to business.


“If you find me pleasing to you, then let my life and my people be preserved alive.  We have been sold to be killed and to perish from off the earth.  Had we simply been sold into slavery, I would have said nothing.”


Xerxes is purple with rage.  “Who would dare to presume against you and against me to do such a thing?”


And the answer comes: “The adversary and enemy is this wicked Haman.”


Nothing more remained to be said from the moment.  Haman’s fate was sealed.  One of the king’s servants, Harbonah, spoke up and pointed out the 75-foot high gallows Haman had built to hang Mordecai, the man who had saved the king’s life.


“Hang him on his own gallows,” was the command.  But wait, we’re not done yet.  A lawful order has gone forth in the king’s name to destroy the Jews.  Hanging Haman was only the first order.


Here is the crux of this very spiritual picture.  You can bring down the spirit of Agag, but you’d best finish the job by countering the conspiracies and activities of all the spirits that are in agreement.


A righteous process is unfolding now which demonstrates the vengeance of God towards the enemies of His people.


Haman’s house, his palace and all his holdings are given to Esther as a gift.  Mordecai is made Prime Minister in Haman’s stead and given the same royal sea of authority the enemy had used against him.


With Haman out of the way, the king says again, “What can I do more for you?”


And Esther requests that an order go forth throughout the same provinces giving the Jews permission to defend themselves against any who would rise up against them.


And Xerxes immediately granted Mordecai the authority and responsibility of sending out that letter authorizing the Jews to defend themselves and destroy all who would rise up against them.  But the job still is not finished.  There still remains one more job to finish.


Esther 9:12-16:  And the king said unto Esther the queen, The Jews have slain and destroyed five hundred men in Shushan the palace, and the ten sons of Haman; what have they done in the rest of the king’s provinces? now what is thy petition? and it shall be granted thee: or what is thy request further? and it shall be done.  


Then said Esther, If it please the king, let it be granted to the Jews which are in Shushan to do to morrow also according unto this day’s decree, and let Haman’s ten sons be hanged upon the gallows. And the king commanded it so to be done: and the decree was given at Shushan; and they hanged Haman’s ten sons.


For the Jews that were in Shushan gathered themselves together on the fourteenth day also of the month Adar, and slew three hundred men at Shushan; but on the prey they laid not their hand.  But the other Jews that were in the king’s provinces gathered themselves together, and stood for their lives, and had rest from their enemies, and slew of their foes seventy and five thousand, but they laid not their hands on the prey,


So Esther finishes what her ancestor King Saul failed to accomplish.  She finishes off the seed of the Amalekites and sees the seed of Agag finally put to death.


This is an important picture for all of us to consider.  We cannot rest on our laurels when we first experience victory over the enemy.  The enemy isn’t finished until all of his family is likewise killed off.


Agag was finally finished, but the spirit that ruled him still survives for us to stand against today.  We cannot rest.


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