Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 19




February 23, 2018


We have lots of territory to cover again today, so without any fanfare…….


Remember that the Serpent did not come to Adam and Eve as an ugly, abhorrent, slimy creature.  He came as a beautiful being.  Ezekiel describes him this way,


Ezekiel 28:12,13, NAS:  "You had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.  You were in Eden, the garden of God......"


By the same token, the Dragon -- whom we know to be the serpent, Satan -- John describes as being cloaked in the  innocence of a lamb.  Again, the tell-tale sign of his true identity, his true onoma, is the sound which comes forth from his  being.  It is the sound of destruction.  It is the sound of lies.  It is the sound of treachery.  It is the sound of deception.  And it is deadly!


This is the sound which fills the earth today.  Whether it comes head-on as the popular music of the day, or whether it comes disguised as "church music," or "contemporary gospel music," its purpose and goal are one and the same: to deceive God's people; to prevent them from      becoming a part of the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ; to prevent Jesus Christ from obtaining the completed Bride, the counterpart for which He has waited, the collective being who will be His "other self."


Before continuing, I should perhaps note that I am not pointing fingers at any individuals.  It is not my purpose to speak evil of Christians who are involved in the media, nor those who are "contemporary Christian" musicians or singers, nor those who write and compose Christian music.  In that which I now share, I am not indicting all television, all radio, all print media, etc.


There are some -- albeit it seems precious few anymore -- programs, recordings, movies, videos, books and magazines which  genuinely convey and transmit the onoma of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Bridegroom, and His heart's desire, whether by music, by dramatic portrayal in documentary or fictional form, by stories which come alive as parables, etc., etc.


There is another way in which the "sound of the dragon" fills our society.  Much of our contemporary media -- Radio, Television, Newspapers, Movies, Computer Games, etc. -- flood us with information and disinformation.  It is the sound of confusion.  Whether one listens to music on the radio, or news, or talk shows, or information programs, one is subjected continually to a barrage of the Enemy.


His onoma is continually manifested.  His sound immerses the listener in his thoughts, his purposes, his desires, the very essence of his being.  After more than 50 years in broadcasting, I can say this will complete confidence — and most of you already know my desires as far as the future is concerned.


Within the print media -- newspapers, magazines, "information" circulars -- our society is bombarded daily with utter chaos.  Much of the so-called "news" we read is negative in nature, and tends to focus our attention on a spirit of fear, despair, hopelessness, discouragement and depression.  We frequently read aloud from the newspapers or magazines, and the very sound of our voice speaking that which comes forth out of these periodicals speaks agreement with the onoma of the enemy.


Back in the 1970's, David Wilkerson was given a vision of these days, and he saw television as a medium of pure filth.  Indeed, the situation has grown so bad that watching (and listening to) television without being highly selective is destructive to one's spirit.  One is subjected not only to gross sights, but sounds -- sounds which come straight out of the spirits of Satan.


Some, if not much, of the music which is the "mood" and "backdrop" for television programs and movies is generated and carefully orchestrated by individuals who, knowingly or unknowingly, are under the influence or control of demonic forces.  More is transmitted in the music and sound tracks for these programs than one sees visually.  The effect is more deadly because one's consciousness is sidetracked by the visuals.


It becomes a lethal form of subliminal programming, subjecting those who watch and listen to the onoma -- the very essence and makeup -- of an Enemy whose purpose and intent is to destroy.  It becomes lethal because those who listen, hear at the level of their subconscious without being consciously aware of that which is penetrating their beings.


Television has even been a hot topic of concern within our U.S. Congress from time to time.  Legislators have periodically taken up the debate over the filth being promulgated as "talk shows," in which deviant life styles and activities are "normalized" within our society by continuing to make them topics of discussion, interviewing those who live amorally and immorally, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, and month after month.


Here again, in a different form, the "sound" of this filth is channeled into the living rooms of people, and particularly Christians, permeating them with the spirit which is behind this corruption.


This is where we, as the Bride of Christ, absolutely must become discerning in that which we see and hear.  We must be able to discern the spirit — the onoma — of that which we hear.  If we can discern the onoma behind the sounds that fill our daily life, we can rule over our own spirits and allow the peace of God to fill our beings.


Those of God's people who give themselves over to hearing the sound of these spirits day after day, week after week, month after month, eventually become what they hear.  Those spirits permeate and infiltrate their spirits, filling them with doubt, unbelief, fear, anger, frustration, confusion, depression, etc., and robbing them of faith, hope, praise, worship and intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Stores, shops, boutiques, shopping malls and centers, restaurants and cafes continuously play either radio programming in the background (to set a "mood" for their clientele and shopping customers) or preprogrammed music which is supplied via an encoded high-frequency radio channel or by tape.  A great majority of this music comes straight out of the onoma of Satan.


This cannot be a part of the life of the Bride!  Again, I am not talking about not watching any television, not listening to any radio, not reading any magazines or newspapers.  I am talking about the giving of one's self continually, daily, to the spirits which motivate these sounds.


A Bride who is in love with the Lord Jesus Christ will give herself, her time, her thoughts, her desires to Him!  She will live a thought life, a hearing life, a speaking life, which is reflective of the One to whom she belongs.


In the mid-eighties, while working as a professor, teaching classes in commercial broadcasting, I took one of my classes and asked them to conduct a search of popular music themes, and the music of popular contemporary singers and musicians, looking for the specific theme and central thought behind each piece of music.  Some of my students even began looking for subliminal messages and themes which had been added to the music in the post-production and editing process.


Their findings, while not much of a surprise to me, astonished them.  Those findings confirmed what the Spirit of the Lord has been saying to us.  They found that the central themes being pushed -- the thoughts which were being communicated, either consciously or subconsciously -- revolved around (1) promiscuous sex, (2) greed, (3) fear, and (4) rebellion.  Way down the list was "love" -- and that was subject to what one interpreted as "love."  Very little of that “love” was a God-generated love.


One student found a series of repetitious messages which had been added in the post-production process to some early Beetles recordings.  These messages were not "backward masked" in an effort to conceal their existence.  They were simply recorded at a very low level behind the music.  The message: "Buy me."  It was a purposeful effort to subliminally manipulate people into buying their music.  They found a few backward-masked messages among the so-called "acid-rock" recordings.  In each case, these messages were blatant Satan worship, messages of hate, anger, rebellion and fear.


If nothing else came out of these studies and experiments, it was visible and audible proof of the onoma of an Enemy whose whole purpose and desire is to subvert the desire, the drawing, the purposes of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was a graphic portrayal of an onoma whose entire existence and purpose revolves around its opposition to the onoma of the Lord.


Consider now some pictures of the sound as it relates to the Bride.  Most of you have heard me share during the past few years on David, and the way in which the sound of the Lord went through him.  I will not take the time in this letter to recount that whole picture except to draw a couple of illustrations.


As a shepherd feeding his flock, David heard the sound of the Lord.  As he sat on the hillsides with his harp, David would praise and worship the Lord. He epitomized the sound of the Lord.  The Spirit of God would flow through him hour after hour after hour as he ministered to the Lord.  Spontaneous worship was the norm, not the exception.


Saul was the king in Israel at the time.  Because of his rebellion against the Lord, his disobedience in the matter of the Amalekites, and his arrogance in attempting to usurp Samuel's place as priest and prophet, the Lord rejected Saul from being king.  From that day, evil spirits began to plague Saul and he was continually tormented.


Word had already spread  throughout the area that David was a unique individual -- that something extraordinary occurred when he would pick up his harp and begin to play.  Saul's aides sent for David to play.  As David sat there in the throne room ministering to the Lord, the onoma of the Lord flowed through the sound of the worship going forth.  The evil spirits that were plaguing Saul departed and left him in peace -- at least for the time being.


David learned some valuable lessons during these sessions.  When he became king in Israel, his first royal act was to recover the Ark of the Covenant and appoint the sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun to minister to the Lord on a twenty-four-hour-a-day basis.


For the forty years of his reign, the sound of the Lord went forth throughout the land.  David had victory over all of his enemies, and those who rose up against him did not stand.  The land and nation prospered as it had never prospered in its entire history.  Israel's erstwhile enemies sued for peace.  The Egyptian Pharaoh struck a peace treaty with David.  Hiram, who was the King of Lebanon, became one of David's close friends.  The King of Gerar, an Amorite king, struck a peace treaty with David and gave him his daughter for a wife.


Other kings of surrounding nations and regions, with whom David had not necessarily had conflict, feared him and sued for peace treaties.  Israel had never seen anything like it.  David's last act as king was to expand the sound of the Lord in the land by appointing a much larger contingent of worshippers.


When Solomon came to the throne, he too enjoyed the peace and prosperity established during his father's reign; and with another forty years of the sound of the Lord going forth, the world feared Solomon as it had feared David, his father.  Israel reached the pinnacle of its power as it prospered abundantly.  Even though David was known as a man of war, and his son, Solomon, as a man of peace, Solomon was more feared than David.


It was not Solomon, however, who instilled this awe from Africa to Asia.  It was the Sound of the Lord going forth in the land, hour after hour, day after day, year after year.  Solomon, and Israel, prospered in an even greater measure than did David.

That pattern of the sound of the Lord been one and the same throughout all of history -- from the Garden of Eden to the present day.  Whenever His onoma goes forth in prophetic sound, His authority is released and His enemies, and the enemies of His people flee. Demons tremble at His sound.  Any force which stands in His way, falls to defeat and/or destruction.  His sound is the most feared sound on the face of this earth.  It is also -- among the nations and societies of the earth -- the most hated.




Because the sound of the Lord uncovers the hiding places of all those who would seek to continue a life and lifestyle which directly opposes His Word. Because the sound of the Lord brings life, and exposes the efforts of a multitude of spirits within mankind who seek to destroy and kill.  Because the sound of the Lord convicts men and women whose lives are not in tune with Him.


The sound of the Lord is the sound of His onoma.  It is the onoma which is above every onoma -- in heaven and in earth.  The universe was created, and the worlds were formed because of His onoma.  The earth, and all that is therein, came into being because of His onoma.  It was created by Him and for Him.  His onoma creates a distinctive and powerful sound -- a sound which transcends every other sound in heaven and earth.  That sound incorporates His word.


When His sound and His authority goes forth as prophecy through His Bride, His authoritative word goes forth, whether articulated as speech or not.  When His sound goes forth, life goes forth.  That life penetrates into the recesses of death, disease and sickness, bringing health and strength.  That life permeates a sphere of depression and gloom bringing hope and joy.  That life immerses the weak of heart and spirit, spreading faith.  That life speaks creatively to those who respond, and destructively to those who rebel.  This sound is the same whether it comes through the Lord, or His Bride -- His Counterpart, His Other Self.


The sound of the Lord is a river.  It is a river which issues forth from His throne.  It is both liquid and light.  John saw that river and described it as flowing out of the Throne – the seat of His authority -- having the Tree of Life in its midst, bringing healing and life to the nations.


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Blessings on you!



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