Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 16


February 2, 2018


Today’s sharing is going to be a bit of a departure from our past studies  — and maybe not — but I want to step a bit into the realm where we’ve had a brother sharing with us and discussing authority from a somewhat scientific realm as well as spiritual and natural.


Let me begin today by laying some groundwork.  For some 70 years, give or take, I have been a musician, a composer, an arranger, and a songwriter.  My parents were determined that I should become a concert pianist and started me learning the piano at the age of four.  In the years since, I’ve learned to play some 30-odd instruments, making, as you all know, the classical guitar the primary focus of my musicianship.  During the 1960’s and 70’s, I did some background work as a studio musician with Capitol and Columbia Records.


By the time I was in my early teens, I had become a fair-to-middlin’ recording engineer, and in the mid-to-late seventies, after purchasing the very first five digital audio processors (serial #’s 001—005) manufactured by Sony Corporation, I began pioneering in the field of digital recording. I discovered, to my astonishment, that there existed a science to programming the behavior and attitudes of people through the subconscious introduction of certain sounds, words and phrases; and that it was only necessary for these sounds, words, or phrases to be repeated six times before they were retained in the memory of the  hearer.


The fact that these sounds, words and phrases needed to be repeated six times demonstrated for me another scriptural proof — the fact that the number of man is six.  Add to that the fact that the human  nervous system operates at a frequency around 60 hertz (or cycles per second), that it takes a horizontal scan frequency on a television or computer monitor screen of roughly 60 hertz for the human eye to perceive a still  image, and the significance of the number six is further amplified.


Our five senses all have an optimal sensory frequency which is either six, or a multiple thereof.


In fact the number six, and multiples thereof, even applies to the biological        frequency of the food combinations that make up a healthy diet.  The number six    occurs so many times with respect to the   human anatomy, the central nervous system, aural and visual perception that it almost boggles the mind.  (There was a 600+ page study written and prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Health during the Reagan years on this topic, and it is quite revealing.)


Let’s take this discussion to the next step.


All plant and animal life lives and functions with specific clock cycles.  All plants vibrate at certain frequencies.  Even though it may be sub-audible, all plant life generates certain sounds.


We sometimes chuckle at the cattleman who puts music in the cow stalls so they will give off more milk.  We even look somewhat cross-eyed at the horticulturalist who plays music to get certain plants to grow.  As humorous as it may seem, it still works.  There is good, scientific reasoning to support it.


Sound is not just a part of our lives: it is integral to human existence.  Sound is even a necessary function in the lives of those who suffer from auditory impairment and deafness.  As the following truths unfold, you will readily understand the significance of the word that Isaiah wrote.


Isaiah 50:4:  He wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned. The Lord God hath opened mine ear…..


NOTHING, therefore, is so important as what we hear, and the way we hear!  Consider, then, Adam and Eve’s response when they heard the Lord after having partaken of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


 Genesis 3:8: "And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the Garden........" (NASB)


The word in the Hebrew text is, kowl, pronounced, “kole.”  Throughout the Old Testament this word is alternately translated, "call," or "voice," or "sound."  It is distinguished by the fact that it is:  “a distinctive sound uttered with a specific purpose.”

To this we add another Hebrew word, shem, which is pronounced, "shame."  We are most familiar with this word as the name of the third son of Noah, Shem.  This word has far-reaching significance, however.  It is the same word which the Septuagint translators rendered as, onoma, and represents the same thing, whether in Greek or Hebrew.


We’ve talked about this many times, but once again it means: the character, the makeup, the very essence of one's being.


J. H. Thayer identifies onoma as: the name, rank, title, authority, power, position -- In other words, everything which signifies a specific individual;  that which represents his quality and property, his very being.


From this we derive another word, Shemuel. We obviously know this better as, "Samuel."  Samuel's name was his onoma, his shem.  It represented several things all rolled up into one: the name onoma of God, the sound of the Lord God, and: to be heard of God.


The significance of "to be heard," is easily seen in Samuel's calling as a prophet.  He was, himself, representative of God's voice in the land of Israel.  He "heard" the voice of the Lord speaking to him; and Israel "heard" the voice of the Lord as Samuel trumpeted that word.  Both Shem and Samuel  represented the onoma of the Lord in the land.  They characterized His voice, and His sound.


From the onoma of the Lord came His sound.  His sound incorporated articulate speech which communicated His heart's intent and desire.  His sound, as illustrated in   Exodus 19, went forth as trumpets and as thunder.  Although neither trumpets nor thunder could be called "articulate speech," there was purpose and intent communicated by the Lord in those sounds.  His onoma,


His very essence and makeup and His Spirit were all communicated in those sounds. Israel trembled at the foot of Mount Sinai, and the mountain literally shook as if by a great earthquake when the Lord uttered His sound.  His sound -- in this case -- is described in the Hebrew text as "long, loud, blasts of trumpets."  These were not articulated as speech, as we think of speech, and yet the purpose of the Lord was communicated with an authority that gripped the people gathered.


In Joshua 6, we see yet another picture of the Sound of the Lord.   Michael, the Archangel, has already come and instructed Joshua on the means by which he will take the city of Jericho.  The city will fall by the Sound of the Lord.  That sound was manifested in the blowing of seven trumpets by seven priests.  Those seven trumpets represented the Seven Spirits of God, each trumpet "blowing as a voice."  The collective seven represented the onoma of the Lord.  Added to these  trumpets on the seventh day were the collective sounds of approximately 160,000 soldiers, shouting with one voice.  As we are all well aware, Jericho fell to this sound.


Three things were manifested in that sound as it went forth.


The first was the sound of the Bridegroom calling His Bride into the Land of Promise.  From before the time of creation, the Lord had sought for a Bride who would become His co-equal counterpart, His Other Self.  When he spoke, and His sound went forth, the universe exploded into existence.  When He spoke, and His sound went forth, the world we have lived in was created.  When He spoke, and His sound went forth, dry land emerged from chaos,  separating the waters.  That it was the sound of the Bridegroom is evident when you take each Hebrew letter in the repeated phrase throughout Genesis 1, "And God said...," and add the numerical value together.  It comes to 8-8-8 or a derivative thereof.


Throughout scripture, this number represents Jesus Christ.  Just as "seven" represents the Father, and "nine" represents the Holy Spirit, "eight" is the number of Jesus Christ, the Bridegroom.  The "sevens," and "eights," and "nines"  always appear as  triads (7-7-7), (8-8-8), or (9-9-9) indicating "God."  His creative power went forth to form a world for a people who would live and overcome all obstacles in order to fellowship with Him and become One with Him.  The first time we see His voice  mentioned in reference to any conversation with Man, it occurs in Genesis 3:8, as a loving sound, calling for those people He had created for His fellowship.


The second was the sound of judgment as the Lord uttered His judgment upon the seven nations of the land.  The Lord had already spoken the intent of His heart to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.  He had communicated to Moses that Israel was to be given, and to take, the land occupied by the Hittites and the Jebusites, the Hivites and the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Canaanites and the Girgashites.


These were seven nations, each of whom had a presiding spirit which represented the central character and makeup of its people.  Each of those seven spirits made up a collective whole representing the onoma of Satan.  The Sound of the Lord was the going forth of His judgment upon a land and peoples who had given themselves over to Satan.  It was the warning and the announcement that territory which had been occupied by the   Enemy was now being given to the people of God -- that it was theirs for the taking.


The third was the sound of deliverance for Rahab and her family.  Although the city of Jericho was  destroyed and every last man, woman, and child killed, Rahab and her family were delivered because of her spoken and demonstrated faith in the Lord God.  The sound of those trumpets and voices spelled her deliverance from a life which she hated, and saw her redeemed by Salmon as his wife and incorporated into the lineage of our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.


With each occurrence that the Sound of the Lord has gone forth since the beginning of time, an aspect of His onoma, His character, His makeup, the very essence of His being, has been  manifested.  It becomes apparent, therefore, that "sound" has much greater significance than we have attached.  "Sound" is the going forth of "Spirit."


"Sound" is the going forth of "onoma."  "Sound" is the going forth of the very essence -- or a part thereof -- of the utterer or giver of that "sound."  The fact that we frequently refer to that "sound" as one's voice is simply indicative of the fact that the "sound" conveys or articulates purpose or intent.


"Sound" within this usage is much more than speech.


When the Lord utters his Sound, life goes forth.   Whether that sound is articulated as speech, whether that sound arises as a  prophetic word, whether that sound blasts forth as the sound of a  trumpet, peals as thunder, or blows as the wind, creative life, power and authority flow out, and judgment issues forth.


Consider the fact that the Lord literally "blew" his sound within us at creation.


Genesis 2:7: The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a  living soul.


When the Lord breathed His breath into us, we took on an aspect of His onoma.  Sound became central to our existence.  In Genesis 4:10, following Cain's murder of his brother, Abel, the Lord says to Cain, "What have you done?  The sound of your brother's blood cries unto me from the ground."


A scientist friend of ours, Dr. Joseph O'Neil, shared with us about a device which he developed for the purpose of testing human blood.  He told us that he has been able to computerize the spectral scanning of blood into its musical equivalent by converting the structure and makeup of the blood into mathematical numbers.  Those numbers are then correlated into their musical counterparts across the audible spectrum.


"Healthy blood," Joe says, "gives off a very melodic sound.  “Blood which is diseased generates sounds which tend to be strident."  He stated that the blood of a person with cancer will give off dissonant and discordant sounds -- the sounds of death; and that every disease which afflicts man affects the melody and harmonic sounds of the blood.  Joe went on to say that the sound of a person's blood makes their medical history easily readable; and further, that every person's blood gives off a distinctive sound which is as easily identifiable as a fingerprint.


The accuracy of the scriptural account of Abel's blood "crying from the ground" is easily provable, therefore, in the scientific realm.  It also substantiates the fact that "sound" is integral to our existence; that we give off a sound which is distinct to our onoma, and that we are receptive to sound at the most basic level of our existence.  On at least three occasions, the Lord spoke to Moses, telling him that "all life is in the blood."  If we follow the logic that all life is in the blood, and blood radiates sound, we then as human beings are all susceptible to sound -- for life or death!


We need to stop here, and continue this next week.  This part of our discussion is going to take place over the next three or four weeks (or maybe more).


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Blessings on you!


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