Part 9


September 25, 2020


Before we continue with last week’s narrative, prepare yourself for a series of legal actions which must, of necessity, have preceded Jesus’ horrendous beatings, his subsequent crucifixion and ultimate resurrection. The entire picture that I’m trying to lay out in what I’m sharing as “It is Finished” is a series of actions necessary for the Universal Court in Heaven. Jesus was already “the Lamb that was slain before the foundations of the earth,” but now it was necessary to fulfil from legal and practical standpoint. All of this was purposed before the first words of Creation were spoken, but now it was being acted out in reality!


We pick up again where we left off last week.


This pursuit of knowledge would lead men and women to prison. It would bring a curse upon the human race. It would lead them into servitude to the very being who enticed Adam and Eve -- to the one who tricked them into trading the Tree of Life, and intimate relationship with the Lord for the momentary pleasure of eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge: Satan himself.


Yet, the Lord had a Plan. This Plan rested on a series of events which now must occur in clockwork fashion.


(1)The Court of the Universe must be assembled.


(2)A trial must be called.


(3)Satan must be put on notice that he was to be tried in this Universal Court for deceiving and leading men into bondage.


(4)He must be tried for the murder of every member of the human race, since he was responsible for introducing the deadly "knowledge virus" into man's genetic structure.


(5)His hold upon the human race must be broken so that men and women could once again choose an intimate relationship with the Lord, free of any penalties of the Law.


(6)Since Adam and Eve had chosen "knowledge" over the intimate relationship they had known with the Lord, it would be necessary to enact "laws" -- universal laws -- upon the earth. (Laws, you see, and "knowledge," go hand in hand. Those who choose knowledge will always be bound by the law.)


(7)Events must be shaped in such a way that even in the presence of "law," there must be an opportunity for people to choose that relationship with the Lord.


(8)A people must be selected from among men who would exemplify for all to see, the desire of the Lord for intimate relationship and fellowship.


(9)To this chosen people, a Law must be given which would, first and foremost, demonstrate that the "Law" was only a shadow of the reality. That Law must provide this people the opportunity to love the Lord and choose Him above all other gods. This Law must be a living illustration of the choices, and opportunity to choose, between The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life.


(10)This elect people must have a visible representation in their midst of how they could, without complexity or fanfare, depart from the "shadow" and enter into a place of intimate relationship with the Lord. That representation must be a visible metaphor which would depict the relationship in terms that mankind could relate to -- love, romance, and marriage.


The representation would simply be a tent: a “tabernacle” with three specific divisions depicting the realm of the flesh, the realm of the soul and mind, and the realm of the spirit.


(11)Satan would become a legal expert. He would argue that there was no provision within the Law for slaves. He would further argue that since Adam and Eve had willingly given themselves over to him, they had become his slaves. The argument would be extended to include the fact that all children born to slaves are the property of the slave master. Since slaves are property, and not human beings with the rights of human beings, they cannot contest any action he takes.


(12) He would next argue that since slaves are property they have no legal status under the law. Their deaths, therefore, could not be classified as murder since a slave master may do anything he chooses with his property. Since there was no human being with legal rights under the law -- as far as Satan's activities were concerned -- there was no one to testify against him in the Universal Court.


(13) This would obviate the need for a member of the human race to be born without being subject to the Slave master.


(14) It would become necessary, therefore, for some kind of divine intervention since any member of the human race born in the natural course of affairs would have the curse of slavery passed down through and by means of the human genome. One must be born to the human race, and then resist and refuse any and all gestures of Satan which could place that One under his domination.


(15)That One born to the human race must then stand up and testify in the Universal Court against Satan.


(16) Since the whole purpose of Creation, from day one, was to bring to the place of being a people -- a Bride -- who would willingly choose the Lord above their own desires and needs, and above all other gods, it now became the logical choice that the Bridegroom Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, should become that member of the human race who would become the first witness against Satan. He would, therefore, have to be born into the human race in a manner which would eliminate the genetic curse, and yet qualify him in the forensic of law of any offense unless there were at least two or more witnesses to testify to the guilt of the one being tried. This would necessitate that some additional course of action be determined which would allow other members of the human race to be set free from both the curse of the law, and from bondage to the Slave master.


(18)This, then, would be the trap that Satan would fall into. He would stir up the religious people among the Pharisees and Sadducees, and cause them to conspire with one of Jesus' closest friends and allies, Judas Iscariot. Judas would betray Jesus at the appropriate time, and the religious people would accuse Him in the mouth of more than two witnesses before the Roman governor, Pilate. They would also arrange to have Him tried in a Jewish court before Herod, where he would be beaten and subsequently sentenced to death on a cross. And, according to the Law, Satan would commit murder. He would murder One who was not under his subjugation -- One who was not a slave. He would thereupon be legally chargeable in the Universal Court.


(19)But Jesus was only one witness against Satan. There must be, at the very least, a second witness who would stand up with Jesus and refute Satan's claim against the human race. This must be a witness who was in absolute agreement with Jesus -- one who had also overcome Satan's hold -- one who had rejected the Tree of Knowledge and the Law -- one who could testify that Jesus had, indeed, created the human race so as to provide Himself with a Bride who, like He, was a victor in all battles, whether of the flesh, the mind, the intellect, the soul, or the realm of the spirit.


(20)This second witness must be One with Jesus Christ. How was that to be? The Plan must therefore be expanded to include the fact that when Jesus went to the cross, he would sweep across time and eternity, gather together the sins of all time -- past, present, and future; gather together all powers and dominions, thrones and principalities -- whether earthly or spiritual; arrest and take with him that great enemy of mankind which came into the earth when Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge, Death himself; and put an end to all, killing and destroying all enemies, all the mistakes and wrong choices of mankind, and -- finally -- Himself.


(21)He must then demonstrate and assert the Final Authority that was His, and His alone, as the King of all kings who were taken to the cross. He must show that He was and isTHE SPIRITUAL POWER, which was and is above every onomaand name that was named -- not only in the earth, but in the heavens as well. To do this, He must rise from the dead!


(22)Having so done, He must now extend an invitation to every member of the human race -- not just the Jews, the select people chosen some 1900 years earlier, who had become sidetracked with the Law. That invitation would say that "whosoever" would choose Him would be free to enter into an intimate relationship with Him. Those who chose Him would also acknowledge that He was and is the Bridegroom from before the foundations of Creation, and acknowledge that His death on the cross was the complete and total payment for the price of their freedom from the slavery they once knew.


(23)Those who responded to this offer would be instructed to demonstrate their agreement with His death and resurrection, and their agreement with the fact that He was Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and Master of the Universe. Their demonstration would illustrate not only His power over death, but their power over death as well. The demonstration? Being baptized in water. By their complete immersion, they would manifest His death, and their death. By their coming forth from the water they would attest to His resurrection, and their resurrection. It would also be a sign to Satan that the slave who had been subservient to him had died. The resurrected person who came forth was raised to life by the supreme power of the Lord Jesus Christ. The life of the resurrected one from that time forth, therefore, would be a life free from legal servitude to Satan.


(24)All those who agreed with the Lord Jesus Christ and followed Him to this point would still be faced with the same challenges which existed before. The difference would be in having access to His life. They would time as the Lord worked the processes of renewal and restoration within their lives. They would not, however, suffer the same consequences of the Law because of their failures, nor would they have the threat of eternal damnation hanging over their heads as those who had lived under the Law. They would be given an opportunity to respond to the Holy Spirit and enter into an extraordinary time of preparation as the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ: a time, and a way of life known as "Ekklesia."


(25) Ekklesia would be ordained as a time of great pressure, processing, and preparation for those responding to His call for a Bride. Yet, it would be a time of immense joy, a time of unity and fellowship with those whom the Holy Spirit would join them to. It would be a dimension of living for which there would be no parallel. Those who were joined by the Holy Spirit in this domain would know that the joining was a part of their preparation to become joined to the Lord Jesus Christ as His Bride -- as His counterpart.


(26)As we have previously noted, all those who agreed with the Lord Jesus Christ would be faced with the same temptations with which He was faced. They would be faced with the very same struggles of the flesh. They would fight with their emotions. They would contest the areas of influence which Satan, through his multitudes of evil spirits, would endeavor to exert over their lives. They would be faced with learning how to recognize and defeat his tactics. They would learn obedience to the very heartbeat of the Lord Jesus Christ through the things which they would suffer. They would know death but they would also know resurrection.


(27)All of these things would be ordained as a necessity for this people who would overcome in order that they would be able to also testify from firsthand knowledge and experience in the Universal Court. For it would be their testimony which would seal Satan's fate. And it would also be their testimony which guaranteed the Bridegroom the legal receipt of His inheritance, that called out company of people redeemed from Satan's bondage and prepared as His co-equal counterpart, His Bride.


The Plan, set in motion before creation, now specified that after a period of four hundred years of silence upon the earth in which the Bridegroom would no longer speak, or represent His call to the Bride, He would appear Himself, in person, to call His Bride unto Himself. For the Bride to now respond after thousands of years of captivity to the Serpent, however, meant that some legal moves must take place.


No, these were not the kind of legal moves you would expect to see in the average court of law. These were precedent-setting actions – actions, which would pave the way for Jesus Christ to stand up in the Universal Court before The Father and testify against Satan. This would necessitate that Jesus qualify as a member of the human race, else He could not testify on behalf of the human race. This was a well-planned and orchestrated event.


From Jesus' perspective, time was only relevant to the human race since they occupied a time-space existence on earth. When the Plan was first devised by the Godhead, They could see across time and space to every moment and event which would occur in human history -- in a microsecond or less. Likewise, They could enter time and space from eternity -- in that same micro-second or less.


With time having traveled to the culmination of another four hundred plus year cycle in the calling of the Bride, it now became imperative that the Holy Spirit enter time......and a young maiden, whose name was Mary, who had descended from David. So as to prepare Mary for this stupendous and earth-shaking occurrence, the angel Gabriel was sent ahead to advise her of the events to follow.


Having already been in love with the Lord God -- even though she lived in an age when it was indeed a rarity -- Mary was both delighted and cooperative with the announcement of Gabriel. Thus, it came about that nine months later Jesus was born into this world. He was both the Son of God and a human being. Because he was born of the Holy Spirit, he did not inherit the genetic curse of the human race. He was not born a slave, nor was he subservient in any way to Satan. He did, however, qualify as a member of the human race because Mary was his human mother. The first legal action had been taken.


It now became necessary that he grow to natural manhood and experience the temptations and difficulties which every member of the human race has ever known. He must know pain. He must know sorrow. He must be touched in every area of his human existence. He must experience every emotion known to man. And, yet, He could not succumb to any of these feelings or emotions. They could not gain the mastery of Him. Even as He knew these temptations -- even as He knew these emotions -- even as He experienced both physical pain and delight, He must overcome and rule in the midst of everything. He must learn absolute and total obedience to His Father through the afflictions which He would suffer as a human being. Thlipsiswould be a reality to Him. It must be, or He would not be able to encourage and support His Bride as she likewise learned through the things which she would suffer. Thlipsiswould be a 30-year experience for Jesus. The second legal action had been taken.


Still have a lot more territory to cover before we finish this! See you next week.


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