September 4, 2020



It had been my intention to continue today with the theme we took up a few weeks back, and look at the life of either David or the apostle Paul.   Those are not complete yet, and the subject of the Throne of God is one that is fresh in my spirit.  It seemed appropriate to go there today, and perhaps for the next few weeks.


We will come back to the life of David, and the life of Paul in the weeks to come, so bear with me.  Let’s go back to the Garden of Eden for a bit.


First of all, we should each be aware by this time that creation began by the spoken word of "The Word," the Lord Jesus Christ, in a place of absolute agreement with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  There is a phrase which occurs repeatedly during the Genesis account of creation, "And God said…"  This phrase, inclusive with its adjoining words, has a numerical value of 8-8-8, the triad of eights which represents Jesus Christ.  Each time we read, "And God said," it was Jesus causing an act of creation by speaking the word out of that creative power within His being.


When He created Adam and Eve, we are told that He created them "in His image,"and He emphasizes this point twice in the same verse.  (see Genesis 1:27)  " the image of God created He him; male and female created He them."


Being "created in His image" does not just mean that we were created with His physical form or attributes.  It means that we were also created spirit beings with power over the physical and natural realm.  Jesus always was, and is, a Spirit.  We were first created as spirit.  Life did not come into our physical form until the spirit entered.  In Genesis 2:7, we are told, "And the Lord God.......breathed into his nostrils the breath of life."


In this application, the Hebrew text uses the word, neshamah, a word which Gesenius (in his Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon) defines as: the Spirit of God imparting (His) life and wisdom; that, therefore, which becomes the spirit of man.  I don't want to belabor this point.  I just want you to see clearly the single most important aspect of rulership -- the realm in which the throne functions.


Spirit is the preeminent and eternal realm of our existence.  It has precedence over the mind and soul of man.  It has precedence over the emotions.  It supersedes the flesh.  If we rule in any aspect at all, it is because we first take dominion in the realm of the spirit.  If we assert authority over principalities or powers, or "world rulers of darkness," it is because we have first done so by agreeing in totality with the preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ, in and through us, by the Spirit.


Conversely, if we are ruled, it is because we are first ruled over in the realm of the spirit by a spirit being.  If we are taken advantage of by evil spirits, it is because we first submit our spirits to the influence or control of those spirits.  If we are tormented in any area of our flesh, it is because we have first provided legal ground for that torment in the realm of the spirit.  (I will comment further on this in just a moment.)  Our flesh was specifically designed by the Lord as a habitation for the spirit.


A question which I hear often posed is, "How can Christians submit to evil spirits and still call themselves Christians?  How can a person redeemed by Christ Jesus be subject to evil spirits?"


It is imperative that we understand our makeup and nature.  We are first and foremost spirit beings.  Everything -- no matter how great or small in our lives -- first begins in the realm of the spirit. 


Satan has been referred to as the prince of this world.  Under his command are kosmokrator:world rulers of darkness.  When an angelic messenger came to deliver the word of the Lord to Daniel, he mentioned that he had just been with Michael (the Archangel) doing battle with the Prince of Persia, and that when he left Daniel he would be warring against the Prince of Greece. (see Daniel 10)  These are not earthly princes, but ruling demonic spirits whose assignment is national or regional in scope.  Beyond them are spirits who are assigned as "principalities and powers," and those who are given the task of invading the character and makeup of mankind, deceiving them into accepting lies, or distortions, or perversion as a part of their personal makeup.


Redemption is not the same as deliverance.  Redemption merely provides the legal basis for deliverance.  Redemption is a legal act by Jesus Christ on the cross to nullify the Serpent's enslavement of the human race through Adam.  It provides us with the legal means to be free, and to regain the place of the Crown and the Throne originally delivered to Adam and Eve.


The guarantee of that Throne is not a blanket guarantee to the human race: it is an opportunity to "whosoever will;" and "whosoever" must first will to agree with Jesus Christ-- not in name, not in form, not in ritual, not in putting one's name to a piece of paper, but in Truth -- in Spirit -- in reality!


Deliverance is also a legal act, and it occurs when we exercise our legal right as members of the redeemed community of Jesus Christ -- in that place of agreement with Jesus Christ -- to take authority in the realm of the spirit over those spirits which have harassed us. 


Let me put it another way.  Rulership -- in the realm of the spirit -- begins when we exercise our place of union with Jesus Christ over other spirits -- all of whom are subject to His onoma, His character, His very makeup.  Deliverance, therefore, is a natural byproduct of the rulership which only comes in the place of that union. 


(This Coffee Break, by the way, is not intended as a treatise on the subject of deliverance, and the statements just made are not intended to suggest that deliverance is automatic.  There is nothing automatic about it.  Neither is it a passive operation.  At the same time, one should not conclude that we need to make a big production of addressing evil spirits to kick them out when they have been identified.  Deliverance is accomplished when we take authority in the onoma of Jesus Christ.  (Not in using His name as some kind of religious formula.)  Evil spirits are not, and must not be, the focus of our attention.  Overcoming them -- at every level -- is a natural process delegated to us by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of learning to rule.)


Rulership in this realm begins when we


(1) allow the Holy Spirit to identify spirits which have plagued our lives, along with the legal ground for their existence and operation in us;

(2) agree with His revelation of their existence, recognizing that His revelation comes for the purpose of both setting us free, and extending the realm of His authority in us; and

(3) act in obedience to that revelation to assert the authority He has given.  With each successive revelation and deliverance, true dominion is extended in our lives.

Let’s return now to our review of Adam and Eve in the Garden.  They had complete dominion over the earth, and all that was therein because

(1) they had been created and imbued with rulership as a natural function;

(2) they were in a place of total intimacy and communion with the Lord;

(3) their spirits, their minds, and their wills were in perfect agreement with Him; and

(4) they were clothed in Truth!


Jesus made an incredible statement to Thomas at the Last Supper (see John 14:6), "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  His whole onomaexhibited Truth.  It was impossible for Him to represent anything other than Truth.


In his epistle to the Hebrews, Paul says, "In the same way God, desiring even more to show to the heirs of the promise the unchangeableness of His purpose, interposed with an oath, in order that by two unchangeable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we may have strong encouragement ....." (see Hebrews 6:17-18) NASB


Let me repeat some statements made in in the past.


"Truth" is not a collection of facts.  And yet it can be.


"Truth" is neither the reciting of history, nor a compilation of events which have occurred.  And yet it can be.


"Truth" is not the quoting of scriptures.  And yet it can be.


Facts.  History.  Scriptures.  They can all be a portion of truth, but in and of themselves, they are not -- by any stretch of the imagination -- truth.


Facts can be twisted by The Spirit of Error and become a lie.  History can be distorted -- and often is -- so that historical facts are taken out of context to present a false picture. 


Personal experience, left to stand on its own, can bring wrong conclusions.  Scriptures can be quoted to support virtually any stance one desires to take.


Truth, therefore, is not just facts, history, personal experience, or scriptures.


Truth -- the genuine article -- can only come by the Spirit of Truth, which is one of the seven Spirits of God.  The Spirit of Truth takes facts, takes history, takes events which have occurred -- either in our lives, or in the lives of others -- or, takes verses of scripture and applies them in a manner which brings life.  The Spirit of Truth takes that life and transmits it into the core of our beings.


Truth -- the very essence of Jesus' onoma -- is that which He was clothed in.  It was the life which went forth when He spoke the worlds into existence.  It was the spirit which went forth when He breathed into man the breath of life.


Because everything He spoke was founded in Truth, there was an absoluteness to everything which occurred.  The very foundations of the Universe rested upon that Truth.  Truth, therefore, is a part of the invincible foundation of the Throne.  (We will return to this, momentarily.)


Now, consider again Adam and Eve.  So long as they dwelled in the place of unity and communion with the Lord, they were clothed in Truth.  What truth?  The truth that they were created in the image of God.  The truth that they were created in His likeness.  The truth that they were like Him -- i.e., "like God."  The truth that in Him was every piece of understanding, every piece of wisdom, every piece of revelation they would ever need to exist -- PERIOD.  END OF PARAGRAPH!  EXCLAMATION MARK!


There was absolutely nothing in the way of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom they would ever need in order to live and function as the supreme rulers of this world outside of Truth.  In fact, the Lord warned them that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which stood in the midst of the Garden near the Tree of Life, was the one tree of which they should not eat because it contained a lethal virus which would bring death to them "in the day you eat thereof."


Let me pause here, parenthetically, to share with you a portion of some of the events that occurred in the Garden which the Lord gave to me back in 1996 during my travels in the Spirit.  In this experience (which is being prepared in manuscript form for publication as either one or two books) the Lord took me through time, first to the future as eternity unfolded and then to the past, stretching back before time (as we know it) began, to see an unfolding pattern of His plan and purposes.


He allowed me to witness, firsthand, events as they unfolded -- events which became an integral part of creating and preparing for Himself a Bride who would be His counterpart, His co-equal, His Other Self.  I have written to describe that which I saw in somewhat the manner of an on-the-spot news reporter and commentator.


Our attention is being riveted on a creature whose appearance defies description.  Is this one of the many living creatures over whom Adam has been given dominion?  It is.  But watch.


This creature stands waiting in the trees.  He is tall, lithe, handsome -- in fact, his countenance would redefine the word, "beautiful."  His appearance could be called, "serpentine," yet he bears little resemblance to the snakes we have known.  He radiates a luminescence which is reminiscent of the presence of the Lord, yet is distinctly different.  In fact, the more one looks at it, the more one realizes that this radiance -- as magnetic as it may seem -- most certainly does not originate in the Lord.  He is a being who obviously was created by the Lord for His purposes, and He epitomizes all that mankind would call perfection and beauty. 


There is a strange spirit which emanates, however, and we can easily see that his onoma, his very essence, stands in opposition to the Lord.  What a strange magnetism he exudes!  Though he has been once called, Lucifer ("the light bearer"), and now is known as, The Serpent, we know that in the centuries and millennia to come, he will lead millions upon millions of people into darkness.


Adam and Eve have obviously seen him many times over the years.  As near as we can tell, they have occupied the Garden for the past two thousand years.  From the serpent's greeting to Eve, he must certainly have spoken on many occasions to her.  It is quite apparent that he has been setting up this day for a long time, and now prepares to spring a trap on her.


The words that the serpent speaks ring with a kind of logic.  Veiled behind those words, however, is a nefarious purpose, planned, desired, and hoped for from the moment he was cast out of the presence of the Lord.  Once privy to the counsels of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he has known of the creation plan before it was ever spoken into existence.  He has known of the desire of the Lord Jesus Christ to have for Himself a counterpart.  In his rebellion against the Godhead and attempt to usurp the throne of the universe, he established a plan and course of action to become that counterpart, never mind the fact that he was not created for that purpose. 


Lucifer refused to accept the fact that he was not created for the throne, nor for fellowship on a co-equal footing with the Lord God.  From his perspective he had been created to rule, placed in a position of command over the angelic hosts.  That certainly was a position of power and authority.  Whether he liked it or not, however, he was a createdbeing -- not a creator.  The onomaof the Godhead had never been given to be the essence of his being -- and never would!


Because he could not accept the fact that he was not -- and never would be -- given that place of intimacy and co-regency with Jesus Christ, he gathered together a third of the angelic hosts in heaven in a conspiracy to take the throne and fulfill that place by his own might, power and authority.  The fact that we see him here today is clear and present evidence that he failed in that endeavor, and was thrown out of heaven  -- never to again enjoy the place for which he was created.


His aspiration and objective here in the Garden is to steal Adam's bride and counterpart for himself, and to thwart the plan of the Lord God to bring into existence that Bride who will be His counterpart.  His ultimate mission is to take Eve for himself, to counterfeit and duplicate the Plan, gaining in the process one who would become the counterpart of Lucifer.  With his onoma fulfilled -- so he thinks -- he will now be able to seize the throne of the universe because he will have that fullness of expression which the Lord lacks. 


One has to appreciate the perfection in Eve to understand why the serpent is going after her.  It is not that Eve is Adam's weakness -- his Achilles Heel.  Everything she represents is the consummation of excellence.  Everything within her bespeaks a total love for Adam -- and for the Lord God.  She makes Adam, Adam! 


The serpent is consumed with jealousy because of what he sees.  He is bound and determined to have her for himself.


The Lord has enabled us to see into his thoughts.  His mind is a virtual maelstrom. 


How dare the Lord God create such perfection for a human being and try to enslave me as an incomplete being, all the while setting the stage for Himself to have that kind of fulfillment?  Adam is just a flesh and blood being created from the dust of the earth and is not entitled to that kind of enjoyment.  He does not have the kind of powers I have.  I will take the woman for myself.  I will change her.  No matter how long it takes, I will make her love me.  The Lord thinks He's going to get a counterpart!  Hahh!  Just wait until He sees what I am going to do!


As we see Adam and Eve approach the serpent, there is a lilting sound to his voice which immediately captures their attention.  Ignoring Adam, it is to Eve he now speaks, drawing her attention to the two trees in the midst of the Garden, "Yea, hath God said, 'Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?"


As this mostly one-sided conversation ensues and the serpent lays his trap for Eve, he little knows that he is about to spring a trap on himself -- a trap whose jaws will inexorably close on him though he will attempt to escape. The serpent is obviously unaware of the fact that when the first life was breathed into Adam, the Lord breathed His onoma into him, and that Adam is going to do the unexpected in a moment.


Adam's face is filled with puzzlement as he hears the serpent say to Eve, "You shall not surely die.  For the Lord knows that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil."  Thoughts race through his mind. 


What does being gods have to do with anything?  We have fellowship and intimate friendship with the Lord God, our Creator, even now.  We have been given dominion over the earth, and over every creature that walks upon the earth.  There has been nothing withheld from us.  Do we need something that He has not given us?  We have been created in the likeness and image of the Lord God.  Are we not "as God" even now?  Hmmmm.............what is good?  For that matter, what is evil?


As these thoughts have filled him, Adam has looked off into the distance, somewhat oblivious to Eve's gaze at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Logic dictates that they obey the voice of the Lord in this matter.  He has said, "Of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall not eat; for in the day you eat thereof, you shall surely die."  Adam is not really sure what that means since death is an unknown quantity, and they have never seen death, having been created with such regenerative powers as to virtually live forever, but a termination or cessation of their relationship with the Lord God seems certain if they partake.  That must be what death is all about.


I thought I could finish this picture today, but the rest of this narrative will wait until next week.


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