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February 19, 2021


Well, did I leave you scratching your head last week?  Let’s see if we can do some more head scratching this week as we look at more mathematical arrangements in the Word of God.  A lot of people don’t realize just how precise God is!  Think about the layout of the Universe.  There is nothing random about it.  When God spoke those fateful words, “Light be!” (“Let there be light, KJV”) Creation began unfolding instantly.  He never told it to stop, and as a matter of fact, the Universe is still expanding as we speak.  It has never stopped.  In any case, let’s continue where we left off last week.

Ivan Panin was a Jew born in Russia in 1855.  An avowed atheist, he considered all who believed in God fools.  The Czarist regime in Russia was heavily integrated with the Russian Orthodox Church.  Panin had little regard for the Czar and was outspoken in his opposition and criticism of the government.

When a conspiracy arose to overthrow the Czar, Ivan Panin was accused of involvement and exiled at first to Germany, and then to the United States.  Enrolling in Harvard University in 1878, he majored in mathematics and – using his mathematical skills -- set about to disprove the authenticity of the Scriptures.

What he discovered transformed him.  In 1890 he accepted Jesus Christ as his own personal Lord and Savior and began a systematic exploration of the Word to demonstrate the mathematical precision with which God’s Word was written.  He spent the next 52 years of his life, right up to the time of his death in 1942, generating more than 43,000 hand-written pages of mathematical analyses of Scripture.

My mother and father – Alvin and Lillian Capener – came to know him personally during their years in Bible College, and corresponded extensively in their early years of ministry.  To this day, I have some of the hand-written notes and mathematical analyses he sent to my folks.  It is just one of those that I would like to share with you today.

If the following comes across as a bit muddy, please excuse me.  I’m trying to transfer the notes as directly as possible.

Math does not lie...Remember: "When Heaven visits Earth, it is always in three equal parts. This is not an opinion. This a FACT.

The number 222...Finally shows its face of understanding....Notice 2 + 2 + 2 = 6....This is only true of "KING JAMES AUTHORIZED 1611 VERSION"

1). Word "Truth" is said exactly 222 times in Bible.

2). Known is said exactly 222 times in Bible.

3). Wisdom is said exactly 222 times in Bible.

4). There are exactly 222 prayers said in Bible.

Notice how we are created… 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 feet… And on and on... hmmm... 222 x 4 = "888"…. More on this Later. But know "2" is amazing from a Biblical perspective… 2 HOUSES, 2 VINES, 2 LIONS, 2 COVENANTS, 2 TESTIMONIES - Hebrew-Greek; Jews-Gentiles 2 TREES, 2 Dreams, Twice God Fingered Ten Commandments, 2 TYPES OF PEOPLE given, Believers and Non believers. And on and on.


The OT seems to track with 13...Abram was 86 upon laying with Hagar.. God broke his silence When Abraham was 99..99-86 = 13.


Although scripture does not mention Ishmael's exact age in this passage upon Isaac's birth...It does say at appointed "self same day".. In my opinion, Ishmael was still age 13upon Isaacs's birth.- "in a leap year" but "normal" year age 14.


It only makes sense from Heaven's to earth visit...Thus ..13 + 14 = 27..which 9,9,9...9 is Jesus gathers "fruit evidence" of our "belief"..."works"...What we "believe" ...our.. "works" will be a result of our "belief". Notice 2012 was leap year.. 29 more days added.. thus 13 months.


....Now the union of our calendar and Hebrew calendar is most certainly tied to Passover.. In fact Passover "day" never - ever ..Changes... It is always the 14th day of 1st month. Then we are to count 50 days thereof to next feast.


It is very important to note ...When Heaven moves it is in 3 equal parts.. So 50 + 50 + 50 = 150..This can be accomplished may ways...or 150,150,150..OR 51,51,51..Notice 1/3 = .333,.333,.333...added together = .999 = 1.00.Science Has Lab tested "The LIVING BRIMSTONE OF EVEN TODAY”  Which hit Sodom & Gomorrah...The results.... = .999%


Many have noted... There (No) other place on earth that has these percentages...of earth's active brimstone areas...That my friends is "perfect" in purity..= FROM HEAVEN.


Lets revisit the Birth. Birth. Birth. hmmm....Anyone can look this up using "our calendar" in union of "Hebrew calendar" mentioned above…13 - 3 - 27…= HEBREW….13 is year, 3 is month, 27 is day…Now our date on that day.. 13 - 7 - 6

Total Hebrew days from start of year = 86 //// Total of our days from start of year = 187….///.….86 + 187 = 273.


Now we need to understand the count… Leviticus 23 15,16…. Deals with the count of 3 days and 3 nights… Thus dealing with 3 and 7…. Note Jesus died at DUSK on the 14th… He arose before DAWN on 16th… Thus 3 days and 3 nights. Note it was dark at both days and Light both days… Jesus was put up on cross when it was still light. Jesus also arose when it was dark, but the changeover to next day in Hebrew happens at "sun rise", thus it was also light on 16th because as the power sun rises before it shows itself.  Its light is so powerful it still emits light.  Thus light, light, dark, dark..


Note also there are 4 different names for PENTECOST..

1). Day of Pentecost… Acts 2:1; 20:16

2). Feast of Harvest…Exodus 23:16

3). Feast of Weeks…Exodus 34:22;Duet: 16:10

4). Day of First Fruits…Numbers 28:26


The word Pentecost in Greek means 50…Notice Lev: 23:15,16…Verses 6,11,15…Verse 6 says on 15th day ….is feast of "Unleavened Bread"… This is 7 days.. with 7 commands to this feast.. Verse 11 is the Harvest is gathered and given to priest for WAVE OFFERING.. This is the 16th….Thus 3 days, 14,15,16th….Then return to 15th verse…Count 7 Sabbaths.. Other NT verses: Acts 2:1; 20:16;1Cor:16:8.


Also notice, LEV: 23:17"2 LOAVES" Represents... "2" Classes of people. Thus the saying. First to the "Jew”, Then to the "Gentiles".  Notice the Holy Ghost was first given to "Jews", then to the "Gentiles". This is abundantly clear all over Acts.


So I hope this explains… 273 on Dates of union of Birth… And the 3 equal identities…90, 90, 90 = 270… and 111 = 1 John 5:7.. 3 are "ONE"… Thus 91, 91, 91 = "273".


Note, upon doing any count… "Passover"… is a "KEY"… To counting… Notice 13 days go by before we begin count… Notice also God was silence for 13 years after Abram seeded Hagar... as well as Start of New YEAR… Make note of The Union of Physical birth of 2 calendars starts upon beginning of New YEARS… But there is also a "Spiritual count"… Which is always from Passover… Thus One count is "Earth"… the other count is "Heaven"… Two houses if you will.


So, Since I firmly believe what we Look for is a gift of Manna from Heaven to Earth, We must marry the "Two Counts".


Remember yesterday.. 273 + 10 more Days… = 283..//.. 283 - 13 days before our Spiritual count of 14th = a pure "270"….Thus 90+90+90 = 270.


270 + 10 more days…. = 280 …. Hmmm Frank has always talked about 10 days… But remember Jesus came to atone for our mess.. 280 - 10 = "270" …. Is this the 1st House?… Note the 1st house failed… They could not keep the Law. Notice also The Spirit is mentioned in OT.. The Spirit which resides in from birth…. is only activated upon "BELIEF"… Also Notice There actions did not marry with their belief…They could not keep the law…Only a few examples are given…who were ones actions followed their BELIEF into Action.


Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Rahab... were they sinless? No. But in the end ...God was the one who decided if they stood the test of life or not…Notice All of above are Listed as people that lived by FAITH…and where all are accredited Righteousness in God's Eyes. And are listed in "Hall of Faith".  But still no, not one kept the LAW…Thus we minus the 10 days.


Now notice in the New Covenant The TRINITY is currently trying "another way" if you will…..So we add another 10 days be added "UNTO" before the receiving of the "HOLY GHOST"…Notice also this House was in NT…Notice the other count.  This is attempt number "2".


So this is in representation of the TRINITY trying to full the LAW… Through God's chosen people…THE JEWS…The Holy Ghost IS "90"…The Jews tried by failed to keep the Law.  Thus again we see 280 - 10… = …270….Notice Scripture says, First to the Jew then to the Gentiles/Greek, Romans 1:16;9:24….1Cor.2:15,16.


In my honest opinion it is at this point where we stand in history.  The Trinity is now going to give the Holy Ghost to the Gentile church - "Greeks"…The opportunity to full fill the "LAW"…So we add yet another 10 days to 270… = 280…and remember we have 2 count moving….So 280/ 3 = 93.333…This also Attempt number 3… Which the Trinity Visits Earth…Thus…If Genesis is 111…This Attempt is 333…Did you see 111?.. 1 added to each 90 = 91,91.91…And now we see 93.333…Hmmm… A 3 added unto each 90..= 93…and 333 is the 3rd visit of Heaven to Earth...This where Matthew 12:40 comes to light.


So how does this fit?…from a numbered sequence?… Well 93 + 93 + 93 = 279…Notice 3 93's counted 3 times…= 279… You see a added 270… Remember Heaven is always 3 equal parts…So we Know 9 = our Fruit…And we know "not one is righteous"…Thus we have a problem…We are told our redemption comes from heaven.. Through the Trinity…9/ 3 = 3…thus 3+3+3 = 9 …and our fruit is "rotten"…Thus the way we are redeemed is in 3 parts.


This is brought to our attention through 1st John 5: 8… Heaven Came to earth in 3 forms… Blood, Water, Spirit.. This is Jesus in Manifested "Flesh" of "HEAVEN"…and the 3 forms from heaven are... Word = Jesus ; Father = Jesus…Holy Ghost = Jesus…But Jesus Flesh form was blood…water… spirit… Question?…are we made in this image?….Do we have blood, water, spirit?…Any Doctor would say we do…Thus we see JESUS Taking our place at CALVARY…Did Jesus give up His Spirit? YES.  Did Jesus shed His blood?  YES. Did Jeus give up water from the spear? YES, for you and I.  YES, for all people, not just some.


Thus we see 279 - 9 = 270.


But remember our other count… Hmmm… of union of calendars… = 273…What did JESUS say he would do after the CROSS… 3 days and 3 nights into the heart of the earth. Notice this had already been accounted for in the OT= "LAW"-- Go back and read about Abraham… It was exactly 132 years before God spoke again. Genesis 16:3 = 10 years.. verse 16 … how old? 86…God spoke when?17:1…at AGE 99..Thus 10 + 3 = 13 years….Now Go back to Passover….It is always the 14th day of the 1st month….Thus we have 13 days after the start of the New Year.  This is Atonement!!!..of 13 years.   This is history "past tense".  Also notice 40 days vs. 40 years… This too is Atonement.  For you / me / everyone!


We nicely arrive at 270 + 3 = 273…OT…and 273 in the NT…thus fulfilling the prophecy of Matthew 12:40.  And remember the 1st attempt in the NT where it was given to the Jews…280 - 10 = 270.


You now see 273 + 273 + 270 = 816.  You might say where is 3 = identifies … remember way above?… "222"…well this is the 3rd attempt is it not?….Thus 2+2+2 = 272…and... 272 + 272 + 272 = 816.


816 + 90 = Holy Ghost…which is to be given to the Jews and the Gentiles = "906"…Sarah was 90 when promise was kept.. OT...//....Holy Ghost is mentioned exactly 90 times in NT….KJ version.


For reference sake, take a look at this link:  (English Gematria...


Holy Spirit = 906 - 18 our bondage = 888..=..Sum of "TREE OF LIFE"

      Jesus Christ = 906 -18 our bondage = 888 … = Sum of "TREE OF LIFE"

      Holy Ghost = 774… Hmmm how is this reconciled to 906?


Here is How:Daniel had 21 days of a "Mourning FAST". This is in representation of OT,  Daniel 10:2.  Daniel also had 21 days of a "Petition Fast": Daniel 10:13: 21 + 21 = "42."


816 + 90… OT = 906…This is the proof that Holy Spirit was present in the OT.

      816 + 90  NT = 906 is the proof that Holy Spirit was given in the New Testament:

      816 + 120: NT = 936 …120.


Jesus Atonement in days: 120, NT for Israel's Union of united Kingdom of Saul = 40 years. David 40 years. Solomon 40 years was not sinless.  Thus Jesus himself ATONES for each 40 year reign By being sinless , Filled (by the way) with "Holy Ghost", led by the "SPIRIT" by the way. Recorded by the way in the "3rd" gospel, LUKE4:1.  Luke also gives 4 exact accounts of Holy Ghost Coming upon people…Mary, Elizabeth, John The Baptist's dad, Zacharias, Simeon.  Jesus Prayed for 40 days…After Jesus arose He was "SEEN" for 40 days.


Now STAY WITH ME.  This the 3rd attempt of 10 + 10 + 10…. = 30.  Hmmm… Jesus starts his Ministry at about30.  LUKE 3:23.  Notice it is also the 3rd chapter of Luke.  Heaven anoints Jesus, Luke 3:22.


816 + 120 = 936 - 30 years ….JESUS of manifested flesh is accounted for….and 3 visits of Heaven…10+10+10..attempted…and given = 30 days..936 - 30 = 906…is proof of another 906 giving in the "NT".  God's Math shall not tell a lie.


Now the time we approach816 - 42 = 774.  This is Great!


Plus Matthew 12:40…. 3 days and 3 nights "NT".  774 + 3 = "777".


Remember 111? 3 Parts of Heaven are "ONE".  Thus 1 + 1 + 1.


777 + 111 = "888" Sum of Life.  Hmmm Will we "too" (fail)? Well, Yes and No.  We will fulfill The promise that all men will "HEAR".  But it will not be "sinless".  Thus JESUS will have to add 18 "Our Bondage" filth… 888 +18 = 906.  Then JESUS will have to deposit our "Bondage Filth" (18)…. To deposit it to Hell…Thus 888 + 18 = 906 …Then 906 - 18 = 888 everlasting life… IT IS FINISHED!


Now where does this leave us?  July 6th + 30 = WHAT?


Now if anyone tells you The Holy Ghost is not 906…. tell them they need the "Jesus Truck" to come by and pick up their garbage…SO He can fulfill scripture and deposit it in Hell…But notice this Happens When Jesus returns to deal with who?18+18 = 36 means "the Enemy."


And "222".... hmmm, 18 x 37 = 666... Hmmm 6 days short of 42... OK...222 2+2+2 = 6 + 3 identical visits 222 + 222 + 222 = One OT and 2 in NT = 888.


Add the Father’s sense of humor:  42 minus the 3 visits of 2+2+2= 36.Thus the 2nd showing of "42"...Hmmm same ole enemy too...36/2 = 18.  Hmmm, fear not!  The Jesus Truck is making the rounds so He can deposit it in Hell where it belongs.


All right.  I’ve taken you down some rabbit trails today.  Ivan obviously had a sense of humor in the way he expressed himself.


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