Deliver Us From Evil, Part 6


April 5, 2019


One of the biggest doors that people have opened up in their lives is rejection.  This is a spirit that is part of the family of The Fear of Death, and a companion to The Fear of Man.  It has many tenets to it and manifests in different ways.

That door can open in a person’s life if they have been mistreated by a parent during their growing up years, or experienced some traumatic event at the hands of a friend or relative.


This is a wicked and dangerous spirit because of the chain reaction it brings in a person’s life, as well as in the lives of people with whom they directly interact.  Some years ago, I was faced with a certain person in our fellowship in Alaska who suffered greatly from this spirit.  This person’s case reached a climax in a series of events that directly impacted Della and me.  Following is transcript of a letter that I sent because this individual would no longer talk to either one of us.


For obvious reasons, the names have been changed.


Hi, Carol:


Let me say, first of all, that Della and I love you and George very much.  Frankly, we are sick and tired of seeing you get bounced around by evil spirits that have plagued you for years, and we have determined to share these things with you because we want to see you free.  We won’t rest until we see you free once and for all.


To once again address the issue of the dinner, a lady by the name of Sarah Charleston had driven over that day, specifically to receive some ministry.  Sarah’s husband, Roger, just passed away a couple of months ago from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).  It was a crushing blow to her and an emotional crash after months of caring for him and watching him deteriorate from a healthy man to a skeleton who could barely talk.  Topping that off, her mother just passed away a few weeks ago.   She and her mother have also been very close.


Sarah was needing some personal ministry, and because she and Roger had been fairly close to Morris and Melanie for several years, she felt the need to just talk to someone who could be a comfort to her.  Morris and I talked about the situation, and we decided to go to dinner.  It provided a good chance for us all to share in a non-threatening environment.


Besides, we got to celebrate our joint special days together at the same time.  We were going to wait until Monday, the 18th, to do our celebrating, but with Sarah’s coming, it was more appropriate for us to combine our outing with ministry to Sarah.


The fact that you jumped to conclusions about the evening, and then took offense at Morris and Melanie, first accusing Melanie of orchestrating this deliberately to get at you – and then followed it up by taking offense at us – it really comes down to dealing with a spirit of rejection that you have fought with since your childhood.


Let’s do a little backtracking.


Carol, from your early childhood, this has been a problem in your life.  While it seems more than likely that your father may also have suffered from rejection in his life, and you have inherited this spirit from him, it is also true that because of your father’s actions towards you during your early years, and even in the years of your first marriage, you experienced what you saw as his rejection of you.


Here’s where the problem comes in.   The spirit of Rejection is a lying spirit.  Its whole existence is to lie, to steal, to kill and to destroy.  It first lies to you and tells you that you were rejected.  It follows up that lie with another lie: that you were rejected because you really aren’t worth anything.  Add to that all of the false accusations it makes against you, calling you names, belittling you, your personal integrity, your character, your intelligence, etc., and you have heaps upon heaps of lies being foisted off on you.


Here’s where your personal choices come into play.  You have the choice of believing these lies, or rejecting them.  If you believe them, you accept that spirit of rejection to yourself.  With that spirit comes spirits of lies, a spirit of false accusation, a spirit of belittlement – and to top it all – a spirit of self-pity.


A chain reaction begins in your inner being that brings a curse to you; and it’s a curse that can (and has) stay with you year after year after year.


What began in your youth became compounded in the years that followed.  Then there was Peter, and the problems that came with that relationship.


Next was Kingston.  It was an abominable relationship, but you were determined to prevent yourself from suffering rejection.  When he left, and you were stuck with two children – both of whom had suffered the same spiritual DNA – now having inherited the same spirits you were afflicted with, as well as Peter’s, and Kingston’s – you attempted to claim verses of Scripture in the false belief that you could see this marriage put back together, and that God would fix it.


That didn’t happen, and those same lying spirits heaped all the more condemnation and rejection upon you.  For more than a little time, you blamed God for not fixing things.  You held unforgiveness towards Him, unforgiveness towards Kingston, and unforgiveness towards many others.


You made personal progress when you began to take steps to forgive yourself, and to forgive Kingston.  Nevertheless, a root of bitterness began to grow in your being.  Nothing much at first, but it was there.


The Lord brought George into your life, and things began to actually go right for the first time.  You experienced acceptance.  You experienced an unconditional love from George.  Things began to really progress for you.  You took some giant strides forward in your spiritual growth because of your sense of being accepted and loved.


Unfortunately, this spirit of rejection and its family were still dwelling in you.  Throughout the years, numerous events have transpired that only made these spirits all the stronger as you gave place to them.


There was the incident with Morris and Melanie, and your feelings towards Melanie.  That is something that, although you made an effort to forgive a perceived slight, there was never complete forgiveness.  Many incidents have occurred in the years since in which those lying spirits have played havoc, again telling you that Melanie either rejected you, or had some personal problem with you that she wouldn’t let go of.  Those same lying spirits have accused her to you, and you – unfortunately – have believed their lies.  It has contaminated your relationship with Morris and Melanie, and continues to this day to contaminate it.


I’ve heard you say many times that you can have fellowship with Morris, but not with Melanie.  That’s a lie that comes from those spirits; and I’ll explain why.

Morris and Melanie are one, just like Della and I are one.  To suggest that you can have fellowship with one-half of one, and not the other, simply doesn’t work.  Folks who won’t fellowship with Della certainly have no fellowship with me.


They may talk to me, but there is no fellowship, and anything they have to say is greeted with a jaundiced ear on my part.  The same is true with Morris and Melanie.  If you have a problem with Melanie, and say you can fellowship with Morris, what is really happening is that you are talking with Morris, but there isn’t any fellowship.  Anything you have to say apart from Melanie is greeted with a conditioned response.  There is no bond of fellowship with Morris that doesn’t extend to Melanie, and vice-versa.  There is no bond of fellowship with Della that doesn’t extend to me, and vice-versa.  Any suggestion to the contrary is simply a lie that comes from an evil spirit seeking to divide.


There are the multiple events with Charlotte – and we won’t even get to talking about Doug.  Charlotte inherited these same wicked spirits that you suffer from.  Naturally, they work overtime between the two of you, seeking to destroy every vestige of love, compassion, understanding and tolerance towards one another.


Charlotte feels rejected by you.  She felt rejected by her father.  She has gone through multiple experiences of feeling rejected by would-be husbands and lovers.  So she believes the same lies you have believed.  In the same way that you have experienced unforgiveness and bitterness because of the lies these wicked spirits keep telling you, Charlotte now lacks forgiveness and lives with the same root of bitterness that has literally grown a tree of bitterness in her life.  Doug does as well, although to a much lesser extent.


Now things have exploded between you and Charlotte to the place that neither one of you can deal with the other.  Both of you are filled with rejection from each other.  Both of you are filled with bitterness towards each other.  Both of you are filled with anger.  Both of you are filled with unforgiveness towards each other.


Your relationship with Doug is barely better.


Then there’s Erin.


One of the problems accompanying a spirit of rejection is a continual effort to “fix things” by doing things for the person you believe has rejected you.  Joyce Meyer recently did a teaching series on this called, “Approval Addiction.”  This is a perfect example of what this spirit does to folks.  They demand approval from friends, from family, from their peers, from folks in ministry, etc. – and go out of their way to do things for those whose approval they desire.


In your case, Carol, you have given and given and given to Charlotte, to Erin, to others – all to the detriment of your own needs and finances, often putting yourself in a debt situation that stresses you out and stresses George out – all with the hope of gaining their approval and acceptance.  Instead, you’ve created a monster.  Charlotte and Erin, Doug to a lesser extent -- who knows who all else – have come to expect you to do for them, and when you don’t meet their demands, they cuss you out, walk away from you, say all manner of evil against you; and you wind up feeling all the more rejected.


You’ve excused your unreal giving by justifying the fact that “these are my kids, my grandkids, and I have a responsibility to them.”   You’re right!  You do!  But that responsibility is to stop giving to them.  That responsibility is to teach them responsibility, to stand on their own two feet.  That responsibility is to teach them to be givers – not takers.


Your “approval addiction” has created a monster in your own life.  It has led to bitterness, envy, and non-stop strife.  James wrote the following in his epistle (3:16),


James 3:16:  For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.


Carol, this is exactly what you are fighting with.  You have non-stop confusion, and literally every evil work abounds around you.  One thing leads to another, and another, and another.  One spirit leads to another, and another, and another, until you don’t know whether you are coming or going.  You seek after God’s blessings, you seek after His prosperity in your life, and yet you see it all destroyed time after time after time.


You wonder why your relationships with people whom you consider to be your best friends get messed up.  Friends – true friends – don’t need explanations.  Friends don’t need excuses.  Friends don’t need to explain themselves to each other.


The bond of love in true friendship covers everything.  Yet, you demand explanations from people; you demand apologies for perceived slights; you demand that everyone else make amends to you – yet it isn’t you that gets the apologies: it’s the evil spirits in control of you.  The result is that no apology works.  You are never satisfied because it isn’t you needing the apology; it is the evil spirit driving the demands.  Because those demands are impossible to meet, you can never receive the satisfaction the evil spirit is demanding in you.


Until you forgive God for not doing things the way you expected Him to respond in your life (that’s number one), until you forgive your parents (and I know you think you’ve done this), until you forgive yourself for being such a failure (and the failure is the result of listening to these lying spirits), until you can literally forgive every single person you think has offended you, rejected you, slighted you in some way, AND ask God’s forgiveness for holding bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment and self-pity; AND THEN until you deliberately kick out the spirit of rejection, the spirit of unforgiveness, the spirit of self-pity, the spirit of envy, the spirit of belittlement, AND THE GRANDDADDY OF THEM ALL, the Fear of Death – until you do these things, Carol, you can NEVER expect to walk in freedom.


You will continually see your relationships with folks go down the drain.  You will see your relationship with the Lord so contaminated you’ll never be able to discern or hear His voice.  You will continue to live a poverty lifestyle with a poverty mentality because the blessings of the Lord will not remain in such an environment.


Carol, there is a place in you that loves the Lord.  It isn’t fake.  It isn’t put on.  It’s real.  The problem is that your relationship with the Lord is slowly but surely being submerged into oblivion by these wicked spirits.  What happens – and what is happening – is that as these evil spirits speak out of you, those around you have the perception that you don’t know the Lord.  The reason is because these evil spirits have taken the place of what should be the Spirit of the Lord speaking out of you with peace, with love, with forgiveness, with gentleness, with acceptance, with grace.


What people hear, and in this instance I’m referring to remarks that Charlotte has made to you, is actually the voice of an unforgiving spirit, a spirit of belittlement, a spirit that places demands on people, a spirit that requires performance, a spirit of rejection, a spirit of bitterness.  Because those spirits are doing the speaking out of you, Charlotte says to you – and rightly so – that you don’t know the Lord.


What she really is addressing is the fact that those spirits don’t have a relationship with the Lord, and when they are doing the speaking out of your voice, and you continue to give place to them, you become the identity and voice of those spirits.


There is still much more of this letter to Carol, and we will continue it next week.  I trust that you are seeing the contamination of the Spirit of Rejection.


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Blessings on you!



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