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By Regner Capener



And another great day of blessing and prosperity to you!

Coffee's on! Grab one of those large "vitamins" and set a spell.

Let's pick up with where we left off last week. Here again is Paul's prophetic description of what God does in us at the point of our commitment in making Jesus Christ Lord of our lives.

"Wherefore, if any [person] be in [Christ] the Anointed One and His anointing, he is a newly formed creation; the old [nature] has perished and dissolved away; the whole [being] has causatively changed and re-ordered so as to become freshly new."(II Corinthians 5:17, my translation and amplification)

What I shared last week was the fact that this initiates a reordering of our entire DNA. God's DNA has been injected into our being in order to conform us to His image and likeness. Let's recap the process using the five Greek words that describe us from birth to maturity before continuing.

(1) Brephos: [This word describes a child from the time he/she is in the womb to the time of birth and (for males) to circumcision.]In John 6:44, Jesus makes the statement that "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him..." It is that drawing by Father that begins conception. Holy Spirit nurtures and nourishes us so that we are more and more prepared for the new birth. There is a process (and this process varies with each individual, their calling, and their responses) by which Holy Spirit draws us to the moment of the new birth. When we are born again and come forth from that womb of the Spirit, we are born of the Spirit.(see John 3:6)The newborn babe in Christ, therefore, is brephos.

(2) Nepios: [From the time of circumcision forward, this word is used to describe a child during the period we commonly refer to as "a babe in arms" -- traditionally, 2 years of age.]Circumcision in the natural realm is designed to cut away flesh that interferes with the ability (in males) for the body to freely get rid of urine (or water-based waste products) in the body. Circumcision also prepares a male for the day when he will begin to procreate. In the realm of the Spirit, circumcision is represented by two kinds of baptism: (1) baptism in water (in which the old fleshly individual is put off, cut away, killed and buried) followed by resurrection from the dead (which takes place when a person is brought back up out of the water) and raised to new life in Christ Jesus, free from the Law of Sin and Death (see Romans 8:2); and (2) baptism in the Holy Spirit (in which the tongue and language of flesh is subdued so that the Holy Spirit now can speak the language of Heaven freely through the one baptized) a baptism which prepares one to receive the milk of the Word (see I Peter 2:2 and Hebrews 5:12-13) as babes and begin to grow up in the Lord. Nepios, therefore, represents that period of time between circumcision (baptism) and the weaning off spiritual milk.

(3) Paidion: [This word describes a child between the ages of 2 and 12 or 13 -- basically a young child who has yet to reach the age where they reach bar mitzvah (bat mitzvah in the case of girls) which roughly equates to "coming of age" -- being responsibly for their own actions.]By the time a baby is two or perhaps three years of age, they've been being weaned from the bottle and have begun to eat food -- pabulum at first, and then as they continue to age more and more solid foods. The same holds true in the realm of the Spirit. The more we eat of the Word and drink of the Spirit of Life, the more we grow and the more the realm of the Spirit begins to unfold to us. By the time we reach "the age of accountability" we've pretty much come to know what is acceptable in the sight of the Lord, and what isn't; and we know there are consequences -- spiritual, physical and emotional -- that can come if we persist in actions or activities, or pursue a thought-life that violates what we've come to know in our inner being in the sight of God. Thus paidion represents that time between being weaned from the "milk" and coming to a time of spiritual accountability with spiritual meat. Both paidion and teknon are periods of time in our preparation as "sons of God" in which we learn through the things that we "suffer" or "experience in the midst of making mistakes and being corrected."The "suffering" can be painful or not so painful, depending on how we respond to Father's correction.

(4) Teknon: [This word represents the period of time between the ages of 12 and 30 (the period may vary slightly according to the individual and the father's determination) during which a child undergoes serious training and preparation for adulthood. In the case of a boy/man, he is being trained in the ways of his father, prepared to take over his father's business and made to understand how his father's authority and power are exercised.]So it is with us as committed believers. In our early years of walking and growing up in God, as we respond to Father's voice, we are given more and more opportunities to speak, to pray for the sick, to exercise the operation of the Word in and through us to a greater and greater degree. The purpose, of course, is to bring us to a place of confidence in the efficacy of the Word and the sound of Father's voice in our innermost being. His objective is to bring us to a place of maturity as His representative. His Word must be so worked in us that we can be trusted to be faithful and obedient "sons," conducting His business exactly as He does -- and as Jesus did here on earth, and continues to do IN US.

(5) Huios: [This word is a picture of what it means to be practiced, exercised and fully mature, understanding AND IN AGREEMENT with -- mentally, emotionally, practically and functionally -- the father's plans, purposes and desires.]For us spiritually, this is a season and a time in which Father openly says of us, "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."Whether we simply hear it in our spirit or we hear it audibly, a knowing takes place in our being that Father has released us with His full Kingdom authority and is ready to back us up with His power on display. We are taught and trained, practiced and seasoned in making decisions that Father approves of and is pleased with, and we now act as the direct agent of Father in all matters as He directs and instructs by the Holy Spirit.

Let me give you an additional picture of huios in order to help you understand why this is so necessary, and why Holy Spirit has been drawing us like a magnet towards this day.

As most of you know from my previous sharing, I grew up in the arctic in mostly native Eskimo villages and communities. Shamanism was (and still is in some areas) a factor to be reckoned with as a dark spiritual force which deliberately pitted itself against us as Christians, against the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and against our very presence in certain communities. In one of the villages where we ministered, the local Shaman made it his business to walk around our home and church on a nightly basis (in the dead of night) speaking curses over us and over our home in an effort to get rid of us.

When you are constantly pitted against individuals who have given themselves over to the realm of the demonic supernatural, you'd better be well-armed spiritually and know who Christ (the Anointed One and His Anointing) is in you, and who you are IN HIM! The Word had better be very alive in your being.

I personally went into this man's sod house (it was made out of blocks of sod stacked brick-style over a frame of whale bones) and shared the Gospel with him as Holy Spirit ministered. This man -- the shaman -- was extremely fearful of our presence in the community and despite everything I had to share with him (and it wasn't just my sharing; my parents shared with him as well) he rejected that Word, preferring instead to continue with his curses. A day came when (and no one knew exactly what caused it) his wood stove apparently ignited the sod while he slept. The dwelling burned to the ground and he died. I did not rejoice over this man's death. Rather, I felt a grief inside my being that he had chosen to reject the Word of the Lord.

This was a "training" experience. It falls under the heading of teknon! It was a tiny sample of things to come, and a foretaste of some experiences I would go through in later years. It was an initial foray into a realm of spiritual authority in which we are all supposed to become fully operational. There were going to be many more such forays and experiences for me in the years that followed that introduction.

Darkness has been increasing by leaps and bounds as the days, months and years go by. Never in the history of this nation have we seen such darkness, such wickedness and such corruption in our local, state and federal governments, society in general, the business world and even in the church. I'm differentiating between "the church" and the "Bride of Christ."Isaiah foresaw this day and he prophesied the Word of the Lord for this moment in time.

"Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles [nations and ethnic groups] shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee."(Isaiah 60:1-5)

You remember what I said in our last discussion? The world, our society, this nation is literally on a razor's edge screaming out for the "greater works" generation to be revealed. I'm referring, naturally, to Jesus' promise to believers when He prophesied, "Verily, Verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do because I go to my Father."(John 14:12)

We've seen and had tastes of the "greater works" during the last few years, but what we've seen is only a drop in the bucket for what lies ahead. The experience that I just shared with you is a tiny demonstration of the kind of demonic power that believers will be pitted against in the years ahead. Satan is so afraid of what is coming that he has amassed (and is amassing at this moment) every bit of power, every military tactic, and every individual who will cooperate with his agenda in order to stop this phenomenal harvest of souls of which we are on the cutting edge.

When I was first launched into the realm of deliverance and began to minister to people who were held captive by evil spirits, I came under some pretty unbelievable attacks. What made those attacks so remarkable was that -- with a few exceptions -- they all came from what purported to be the Christian community. Church leaders railed against me for preaching and teaching "heresy."Pastors invited me out of their churches.(I'm saying this as gracefully as I can. Grin!)Articles were written against me in religious publications. During my years with the Christian Broadcasting Network, many letters were written to Pat Robertson and other executives within CBN in a concerted effort to get the network to disconnect from any association with me.

Again, my purpose in sharing these things is not to focus on them but to help folks understand that there is an acid test that every huios will go through so that when the chips are really down, we can stand firm in our confidence that we have heard from Father, that we ARE in the middle of His perfect will, and that His Word is absolutely grounded in the core of our existence.

As I've said before, 2012 is a year of Huios! Father has determined within His economy to see many, many, many "sons" follow our pattern Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, in not only performing the works that Jesus worked (which, as He Himself noted, were Father's works), but also "greater works."

One of the fundamental differences between sons who are huios and sons who are still teknon is that those who have Father's stamp of approval etched within their being and have heard Him say, "this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased," do not compete against other huios. They know who they are, and they know who Jesus Christ is in them! More than that, they know who they are IN HIM! There is a place of agreement in Him that allows them to work together in a sense of teamwork that those who are still teknons have yet to arrive at.

Now, before we run out of time today, let me get to the meat of what I need to share concerning this year ahead. Because of the nature of this vision and the significance of what I've heard and seen, I can only share a tiny bit of it in an open forum such as this one.I have shared this with a number of brethren in the prophetic community and they stand with me as having also seen what I'm about to share.

As I finish this Coffee Break and prepare to send it out, we are just entering the period on the Jewish calendar referred to as Purim. Purim is a name for the three days of fasting that all Israel entered into in honor of Esther's three-day fast without food or water. Esther's fast set the stage for the exposing of a Macedonian mole within the court of Xerxes (Ahasuerus in our English versions) who was bent on destroying God's people. I'm inviting as many believers as will to join Della and me (as well as other believers who stand in agreement) during the next three days to fast and pray for the deliverance of our nation from the Hamans who have infiltrated our various levels of government.

We have a Haman (or perhaps more accurately, a Haman and his sons) who is using our Federal government to destroy this nation and more specifically, the rights we have all come to know and enjoy under our constitution as Americans to worship freely and to name the name of Jesus Christ openly.

There are Hamans who have infiltrated our Congress and our Senate. There are Hamans who occupy governors' chairs across this land. There are Hamans who seek to manipulate and twist state legislatures in order to further their wicked agendas -- and it really is one agenda: Satan's!

So why have I chosen Purim as the moment to call God's people to prayer and fasting? Purim is a period of 72 hours. Last August I had a series of experiences in which the Lord showed me a 72-hour period in which the entire administration of this nation was changed. The change was of such magnitude, and the consequences so enormous that no one could explain the changes by any other means than it being the divine intervention of God.

What I saw had a direct and immediate bearing on the election cycle we are currently in. The outcome of our electoral choices was dramatically altered because of what God did in that vision! Candidates suddenly withdrew their names from contention because of the unfolding events. No one could possibly imagine the political earthquake that was going to bring this nation to its knees in prayer and return America to its constitutional roots. The politics of Washington, DC was radically altered because of these events.

Please excuse me if I seem to be too dramatic or sound almost melodramatic. That's not my intention at all. Because I am not alone in what I have seen, and the Holy Spirit has shown these same events to other brethren whose prophetic anointing and integrity I trust, it is incumbent upon me to call people to prayer and fasting.

Thinking about the deliverance of Israel that took place following Esther's fast, the enemy of God's people was exposed for who he was. The Jews were given the right to stand up and defend themselves against their sworn enemy and all who agreed with him. Haman was executed and his ten sons hung in open view for everyone to see.

America faces a crisis of the same proportions and unless God's people act with the same determination and integrity that Esther showed, we will see this nation succumb to an enemy who is out to undo everything our founding fathers bled and died for.

Folks, I'm not naming names here. This is not to target certain leaders or politicians. This is to bring down an enemy in the same manner that Daniel did when he fasted for three weeks. The angel of the Lord appeared to Daniel at the end of his fast and told him that he left the Throne of God with the answer when Daniel first began to pray, but that he had to defeat the prince of Persia (not a person but a demonic principality) before he could bring the answer to Daniel.

That's what we've got to do as committed believers. This is what it is going to take for the huios of God to be counted in this hour. This wicked administration must be toppled in the realm of the spirit so that the harvest of souls will freely and liberally unfold.

If you are an intercessor and want to be more involved in this fast, I'd be glad to share more details with you, and -- in that case -- please get in touch with me.Once again, I feel like I've only begun to scratch the surface. Maybe I'll get to share more of this picture later, but for now we'll leave it alone.

See you next week.

"There is a difference between a politician and a leader, and we are in desperate need of not just a leader, but a great leader.It is not the government that needs changing as much as the election process.America is now facing some of the most potentially deadly crises we have ever faced, in a time when the world is more dangerous than it has ever been.It is understandable that so many would be pining for another Reagan, but for what we are facing, we need a combination of Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, and Moses." (Rick Joyner)

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